Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix


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In true talent show format, get the drums beating in the background. Dim the lights. For it is time for THE RESULTS.

Or, we could do it in an infinitely more honourable way and do a Pre-Grand Prix quiz for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Your choice.

The Quiz it is!

1. This is the fourth latest Grand Prix in the year, save for last year's Brazilian GP and two late December races in the 60s in which country?

South Africa

2. The Brazilian Grand Prix coincides with the birthday of ABBA man Slim Borgudd. How many points did he score in F1?

1 point at the 1981 British GP

3. What is Felipe Massa's worst grid position at Interlagos?

12th for Sauber in 2002

4. It is now two years since Nico Hulkenburg's big moment in qualifying at Interlagos. Since Singapore, his team-mate di Resta has scored two points, how many has the Hulk scored?


5. Of the 12 Brazilian Grands Prix held since 2000, how many have been won by drivers who have ever taken the World Championship?

Just the 4. Schumacher in 2000 and 2002, Raikkonen in 2007 and Vettel in 2010. Oddly, that's after every Brazilian GP from 1982-2000 was won by a some-time winner of the title.

6. There are 5 triple-World Champions (Brabham, Stewart, Lauda, Piquet and Senna). How many have won the Brazilian GP at some point in their careers?

3 - Lauda, Piquet and Senna

7. The last race at which a driver became a triple champion was won by whom?

Michael Schumacher, 2000 Japanese Grand Prix

8. Mercedes have not scored a point for 5 races now, the only one of the top nine teams to do so. Over those 5 races would they have beaten Marussia in a mini-Constructors Championship?

Yes, of course they would. ;) Mercedes have three P11 finishes in that time!

9. The last time Alonso finished above Vettel in the title race (and in fact the last time anyone not from Frome beat Vettel in the title race) was 2008. Alonso was 5th with Vettel 8th and which two drivers in between (half point each)?

Nick Heidfeld and Heikki Kovalainen

10. Alonso won both his titles at Interlagos but has never won the Brazilian GP. Who was the last person to win his first two titles at the same circuit?

Mika Hakkinen (Suzuka).
6. A fairly average performance

On another note, Is it possible to query Q7? Does the question only apply to drivers who have won three titles, or all those that have become triple champions, but could have won more? The answer would be different under the second scenario, but the same under the first... Just wondering...
3,,,,,, I knew the first one, the race was held at East London on the 29th December 1962 and I also know that South Africa has the honour of holding the earliest race at Kyalami on 1st January 1968... So there....:p

So a hundred points to me I think.....

Total 103 points....:1st:
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