Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Australian GP


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Christ, I forgot I did a pre-race quiz... Thanks Jos!

1. The 18th March has seen 3 Grands Prix so far. Which constructor won them both?

Ferrari at Sepang in 2001 and Melbourne in 2007

2. Which F1 driver celebrates his 30th birthday on raceday?

Timo Glock

3. Race day is also 35 years to the day of the sad death of Carlos Pace. With which constructor did he win the 1975 Brazilian Grand Prix?


4. In which year did the Melbourne Grand Prix not take place in March?

2006 - it was 2 April due to the Commonwealth Games

5. Who scored Fastest Lap at Melbourne last year?

Felipe Massa

6. Of the current drivers who have started a Grand Prix, who has started the least?

Romain Grosjean with only 7

7. Which was the last year F1 had 3 different Frenchmen?

1995 - Alesi, Panis, Gachot and Boullion

8. This will be Mercedes' 51st Grand Prix start. Which constructor only started 49 Grands Prix?

Stewart - JYS is the F1 record books £9.99 man!

9. How many wins have Australian drivers achieved in F1?

(a) 27 (b) 29 (c) 31 (d) 33


10. Who scored Lotus' last point?

Johnny Herbert at the 1993 Belgian GP
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