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Nothing like running some stats at lunch time in the office on a Thursday...

Ran a comparison of this years title battles based upon the last five points scoring systems AND Bernie's Olympic Dream... the Gold / Silver / Bronze method...

2010 => Win = 25 (points pay out to 10th): All Results
2003 to 2009 Win = 10 (points pay out to 8th): All Results
1991 to 2002 Win = 10 (points pay out to 6th): All Results
1981 to 1984 Win = 9 (points pay out to 6th): All Results
1985 to 1990 Win = 9 (points pay out to 6th): Best 14 (qv of Best 11/16)

Four tables:

* Points per Driver and WDC position
* Point per Constructor and WDC position

* Comparison by Driver of WDC position
* Comparison by Constructor of WDC position
(have colour coded the top 6 positions... and the drivers / constructors who scored the big oh under each alternate points scenario)

Simple take away... the redoubtable Jenson Button would have been the biggest beneficiary of some of the alternate points scenario's... and Kimi would have rather I just left him alone as he would lose out the most...

For mine... finishing 10th and scoring points in a field of 22 or 24 just doesn't feel right... as a Driver... it seems a lot like schools nowadays... everyone gets an award for turning up and breathing...

For Constructors and sharing the spoils... I am not averse to a 1 thru 10 points payout... otherwise some teams would get obliterated without some extra financial assistance..

Anyhoo... data...

[edit - 1991-2002 method... LH & JB equal points, but LH more wins... LH = 3; JB = 4]

Alternate Points Scenario 2012 - Drivers.jpg

Alternate Points Scenario 2012 - Constructors.jpg

Alternate Points Scenario 2012 - Driver Position.jpg

Alternate Points Scenario 2012 - Constructor Position.jpg
For what is worth, championship tables using 1930s rules.

1 point to 1st position
2 points to 2nd position
3 points to 3rd position
4 points to those that completed 75 % of the race
5 points to those who completed 50% of the race
6 points to those who completed 25% of the race
7 points to those who did not complete 25% of the race
8 points to those who did not start!

Pos Driver Points
1 Sebastian Vettel 56
2 Fernando Alonso 62
3 Kimi Räikkönen 68
4 Jenson Button 71
5 Lewis Hamilton 72
6 Mark Webber 74
7 Felipe Massa 77
8 Daniel Ricciardo 80
9 Heikki Kovalainen 81
10 Paul di Resta 83
10 Nico Rosberg 83
12 Timo Glock 84
13 Kamui Kobayashi 85
13 Bruno Senna 85
13 Charles Pic 85
13 Nico Hülkenberg 85
17 Pastor Maldonado 88
17 Jean-Éric Vergne 88
17 Sergio Pérez 88
17 Vitaly Petrov 88
21 Michael Schumacher 90
22 Pedro de la Rosa 92
23 Narain Karthikeyan 93
24 Romain Grosjean 96

Pos Constructor Points
1 Red Bull 130
2 Ferrari 139
3 McLaren 143
4 Lotus 164
5 Forza India 168
5 Toro Rosso 168
7 Caterham 169
7 Marussia 169
9 Mercedes 173
9 Sauber 173
9 Williams 173
12 HRT 185

credits: http://www.kolumbus.fi/leif.snellman/cha.htm
ZakspeedYakspeed Your challenge (As promised.) if you choose to accept is.

How would the standings look if you use the 1967 points scoring system which was out of 11 races a driver had to drop one race (Points wise.) from the first 6 races and one race from the last 5 races only the top six drivers scored point in this order
  1. 9 points
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 3
  5. 2
  6. 1
Now as there were nearly double the amount of races in 2012 I would like it to be that a driver has to drop 2 races from the first 12 and 2 races from the final 8.

A driver can only drop a race that he scored points in so any DNF's or where he finished outside the points (Above 6th place.) cannot be used.

Just as a little factoid there was no such thing as the WCC from 1950 to 1957 inclusive.....

I'm not usually a fan of this type of conjecture but as it is off season what the hell it's just a bit of fun.

Query... confirm that we are counting the best 10 results from the first 12 races... and best 6 results from the last 8 races... or alternatively - we are counting the best 16 points scoring results assessed 12 / 8 as you stated
Yes ZakspeedYakspeed that is confirmed (10 from 12 and 6 from 8 only points scoring races can be dropped.) as long as the results dropped were points scoring a driver cannot drop a none points scoring result but I wanted the points to be of the same value as 1967

And once again great work showing both points values is excellent...:thumbsup:


Can you highlight which points each driver dropped? and once again they cannot drop non points scoring races..


All good... cannot drop a result if it is not a points paying finish... that is what these sheets represent...

Here is the base data sorted by team with the points dropped highlighted...

Alternate Points Scenario 2012 - 1967 v1a.jpg
Alternate Points Scenario 2012 - 1967 v2a.jpg
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