Poll 2011 Chinese Grand Prix Chump of the Weekend

2011 Chinese Grand Prix Chump of the Weekend

  • Sebastian Vettel

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  • Mark Webber

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  • Lewis Hamilton

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  • Jenson Button

    Votes: 15 30.6%
  • Fernando Alonso

    Votes: 4 8.2%
  • Felipe Massa

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  • Michael Schumacher

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nico Rosberg

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  • Nick Heidfeld

    Votes: 18 36.7%
  • Vitaly Petrov

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  • Rubens Barrichello

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  • Pastor Maldonado

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Paul di Resta

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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  • Sergio Perez

    Votes: 10 20.4%
  • Sebastien Buemi

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  • Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Narain Karthikeyan

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  • Vitantonio Luizzi

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  • Timo Glock

    Votes: 1 2.0%
  • Jerome d'Ambrosio

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Not my cup of cake
Valued Member
Who had a mare?

Button going into the wrong pit box and, despite what he said after the race, undoubtedly losing the lead as a result. Webber messing up qualifying and starting 18th. Perez treating the race like a destruction derby. Alonso struggling to get past Schumie despite DRS. Either of the Renault boys who look to have lost something somewhere.

Thoughts and opinions welcomed.
Everyone neglecting the weekends performance again.... Yeah Perez had bit of bump and grind but it's still only his 3rd race so we can let a few rookie mistakes go. He could be the new Kobayashi so Sauber are definately an exciting team to watch.

As for my choice its quite a simple one. Heidfeld binned it twice during practise, this severly compromised his running time but he still elected to leave his qualifying late in Q2, he was unlucky that Petrov caused a red flag but it has been shown time and time again that you can't leave qualifying to chance.

Tyre preservation may be a factor but you can't risk missing out on a high grid spot. His decisions definately cost him race points this weekend and put a huge dent in my FF1 score.

Webber was an outside vote for Chumpery but his race performance saved him this week.
Oh yes, good points F1Y.

I had forgotten about Heidfeld's dismal performance, bearing in mind where Renault have been for the first two races.
I'm afraid I couldn't see past Button for throwing the lead away by going into the wrong pit box and then freely admitting at the post race interviews that he wasn't fast enough despite have the better strategy calls compared to Hamilton.
Button I can forgive the pitstop mistake but to finish behind Webber and Vettel, I'm sorry I just don't understand how he managed that.

McLaren should have taken the lead in the constructors today.
Heidfeld for me, two bad errors in practice, his (or a team) bad decision in Quali and did little to redeem himself in the race.

Others made errors but the quantity is his case was worse than the quality of others, and Button pulled off one of the very highest quality.... or do I mean lowest quality! LOL
Why did Whitmarsh say that Button didn't come in to pit the lap before he did, when they called him in, which basically really messed up things for Lewis too?
To me, it has to be either Button or Heidfeld. The magnitude of Button's mistake cost McLaren some very valuable points. On the other hand, Nick needs to prove that he has what it takes to justify his position on one of the top teams. This is his last chance, and he is blowing it. I doubt that RK would have done so poorly, so Nick just ekes out this "win" over Button.
Button was chump of the race for me (fortunately his chumpery didn't quite succeed in doing for his teammate as it so easily might have) but I've gone for Heidfeld as chump of the weekend.
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