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My apologies that this is after the race and there isn't a "Post-GP Quiz" prefix so you will have to just imagine one.

1. Five manufacturers have won the Chinese GP, can you name them? 1/5th of a point for each

Ferrari and Mercedes 4 times each, McLaren 3 times and Red Bull and Renault once each

2. Fernando Alonso won in 2005 with his team mate Giancarlo Fischella second. Who was Fernando's team mate in China in 2004?

Jacques Villeneuve, who replaced Jarno Trulli who was sacked after the Italian GP

3. Four teams: BAR, Jaguar, Toyota, Minardi and Jordan, all ran a third car in Friday Practice. A point if you can name any of the drivers who were used.

Anthony Davidson at BAR, Bjorn Wirdheim at Jaguar, Ryan Briscoe at Toyota, Robert Doornbos at Jordan and Bas Leinders at Minardi

4. In 2005, who did Michael Schumacher collide with on the warm up lap?

Christijan Albers in his Minardi

5. 2006 was a wet race. What excuse did Alonso use for not being able to keep pace with Schumacher in the rain?

He only changed the front tyres, although Schumie didn't change any at his

6. We all know about Hamilton and the pit entrance gravel trap in 2007 but what else was unusual about his retirement at this race?

It was his first ever retirement from an F1 race - race 16 of his career

7. Lewis made amends in 2008, winning from pole. Who promised to help Felipe Massa out in the race if he could?

Former McLaren driver Fernando Alonso commented "if I can help, I will help Massa."

8. Red Bull and Vettel won in 2009. What did the event organisers cock up at the podium?

They played the British national anthem for Red Bull rather than the Austrian

9. What did the 2010 Chinese GP have in common with the Monaco GP of 1969?

It was the first 1-2 for two English drivers (Button and Hamilton) since Monaco '69 when Graham Hill led home Piers Courage

10. Mark Webber had an "interesting" race in 2011. Where did he start and where did he finish? Half a point for either

Webber started 18th and finished 3rd

Enjoy and, again, apologies for the delay.
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