2010 Formula One Driver's Salaries/Compensation

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1 Fernando Alonso, Ferrari - €30 million
2 Lewis Hamilton, McLaren - €16 million
= Kimi Räikkönen, Ferrari - €16 million
4 Felipe Massa, Ferrari - €14 million
5 Jenson Button, McLaren - €9 million
6 Michael Schumacher, Mercedes - €8 million
= Nico Rosberg, Mercedes - €8 million
8 Robert Kubica, Renault - €7.5 million
9 Rubens Barrichello, Williams - €5.5 million
10 Mark Webber, Red Bull - €4.2 million
11 Jarno Trulli, Lotus - €3 million
12 Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull - €2 million
= Heikki Kovalainen, Lotus - €2 million
14 Timo Glock, Virgin - €1 million
15 Nico Hülkenberg, Williams – €700,000
16 Pedro de la Rosa, Sauber – €500,000
= Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber – €500,000
18 Vitaly Petrov, Renault – €400,000
= Sébastien Buemi, Toro Rosso – €400,000
= Jaime Alguersuari, Toro Rosso – €400,000
21 Adrian Sutil, Force India – €200,000
= Vitantonio Liuzzi, Force India – €200,000
= Lucas di Grassi, Virgin – €200,000
24 Bruno Senna, Hispania – €150,000

- Karun Chandhok, Hispania – Pay driver
- Sakon Yamamoto, Hispania - Pay driver

Hamilton's deal was pre-crisis.

Alonso is paid by both Ferrari and Santander (it is said).

Red Bull is said to have 40% Retainer (Salary) and 60% Bonus...Vettel and Webber got bonuses in excess of Vettel's listed salary above.

Raikkonen was paid by both Ferrari and Citroen/Red Bull (Originally all by Ferrari...but then reduced by the amount Citroen/Red Bull paid for Rallying).

That's Schumacher's "official" number...but it's said he has more sponsorship money than Salary.
Interesting, Vettel seems like the best out of the lot.

Button said McLaren offered him less money than Mercedes did, but he got offered 6 million from Mercedes and 9 million from McLaren... :whistle:

Wait...I looked again and just noticed, Jarno Trulli gets more than Vettel (yes I know Vettel gets bonuses along with Webber but it's still funny) ROFL
True....is Maldonado still pointless or what (pun intended) :snigger:

And it's 7 with 5 zeros after it not 6 ;)
No but Rubens is fast becoming sell by material.

I had a finger slip, and I was looking at my bank balance at the time.:D

Maybe he is, but last year he wasn't bad until Hulkenberg caught up with him. I rather pay an extra 2 million to have Kubica onboard than having Barrichello who is meant to be great at "developing" a car and how good is that Williams at the moment? :whistle:

too bad that bank balance was in your day dream :p
Don't know where Ray did, but I can honestly say that he did not make them up...

Although the Vettel one I have my doubts over :thinking:

Fantasy F1 is a whole separate forum people. Any "news"paper that prints "facts" like this should be avoided, as they clearly have no qualms about making stuff up. Driver salaries are a hugely closely guarded secret and very few people are ever in the know.
Pyrope, I agree with you mostly. I'm sure these aren't that far off, though...and give us a 'ball park' indication. I also listed some more info in the OP with respect to ALO, HAM, RAI, SCH, VET and WEB.
I disagree Ray. Time and time again I read interviews with retired drivers from the '80s and '90s and a frequent question that crops up relates to why they moved from team X to team Y, and how it was reported at the time to be due to money. Almost every time not only is money a tiny factor in the decision, they usually scoff at the reported figures. These numbers are not based on any factual data, just what somebody reckoned based on his or her (complete lack) of experience as a Formula One negotiator.
Sure...but for lack of being each drivers agent this is all we can go by. I suppose I don't have to create this type of thread. It was for discussion...and the Mods can shut it down if they'd/you'd like. I'd be fine with that, to be honest. Cheers, Pyrope! :)
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