2010 Belgian Grand Prix Preview

An almost Ascari-esque obsession with the number 13 (and its multiple) there.

Dick Seaman (if you're surname is Seaman, don't name your son Richard LOL ) could have been one of the greatest drivers of the early years of the World Championship. However, it is unlikely, as a Briton in Germany, he'd have had an easy time of the Second World War. However, his Nazi sympathies may have saved him!

Those old cars just looked ridiculously unsafe, it is a wonder anyone survived them!
No problem guys! That bit of film came from the video, "Racing the Silver Arrows".

And to help kill a few more minutes before the cars finally get back on the track, I'll give you guys some more recent highlights.

1983 - All the position changes caught on camera

1984 - Rosberg has a great recovery drive at Zolder

1985 - Full Race (Wet/Dry/Wet/Dry) - 13 Parts

1985 - Senna wins and eludes the Marshalls

1987 - Senna and Mansell come together on the Re-Start

1988 - Senna takes the lead from Prost on the opening lap

1988 - Capelli makes a bold maneuver on Patrese

1994 - Race Buildup (Barrichello's first Pole)
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