1982 Dutch GP Overtakes


1982 Dutch Grand Prix

Zandvoort Circuit
4.252 km
72 Laps

The Formula One scene was back on European soil as the cars took to the seaside Circuit at Zandvoort in the Netherlands. The race start was without incident as Alain Prost snatched the lead from his teammate Rene Arnoux who had been on Pole Position. The Ferrari of Didier Pironi was close behind this pair and on Lap 2 he nipped past Arnoux. For the first time since San Marino, Ferrari fielded a second car, handing a drive to Patrick Tambay after some extensive testing at Fiorano. Tambay found himself right back in the mix, as he was soon being harried for fourth place by the BMW powered chassis of Nelson Piquet who cruised past on Lap 3. By the fifth lap Pironi was right with Prost and after he swept by on the straight, it was Didier's race to win, and he did it with authority. Even after Piquet reached P2, he was simply not going to challenge Pironi's Ferrari on this day.

Some big excitement came on Lap 22 when the camera picked up a bouncing wheel at Turn 1 and followed it to the badly damaged Renault chassis of Rene Arnoux. Amazingly, Arnoux escaped injury after his front suspension broke, with one wheel completely detaching from his car, sending him into and nearly over the tire barrier. His teammate's day would only last slightly longer, as Prost pulled into the pits to retire with engine trouble after 33 laps.

Keke Rosberg followed Piquet home to round out the podium, completing a marvelous drive in an ultimately underpowered Williams-Cosworth, lifting himself to within 9 points of the championship leader John Watson whose lead over Pironi had been trimmed to a single point.

Almost certainly the biggest surprise of the day was the Toleman-Hart of Derek Warwick. After missing both North American rounds completely, not much was expected from the Toleman outfit, but after 8 laps Warwick found himself in P9, eventually setting what would become the race's fastest lap. Unfortunately the Grand Prix ended poorly for them, but it was a clear sign that some progress had been made.

Overtaking Summary (66 Overtakes)

Lap 2 For
Piquet on Giacomelli P6 (This move started at the end of Lap 1)
Pironi on Arnoux P2
Piquet on Lauda P5
Warwick on Alboreto P14
Baldi on Surer P16
Wink. on Lammers P23

Lap 3
Piquet on Tambay P4 (This move started at the end of Lap 2)
Rosberg on de Cesaris P9
Rosberg on Watson P8
Patrese on Daly P11
Warwick on de Angelis P13
Warwick on Daly P12
Surer on Baldi P16
Winkelhock on Mass P22

Lap 4
Patrese on de Cesaris P10
Patrese on Watson P9
Warwick on de Cesaris P11
de Angelis on Daly P13

Lap 5
Pironi on Prost P1
Warwick on Watson P10

Lap 6
Daly on de Angelis P13

Lap 7
Daly on de Cesaris P12
Baldi on Surer P16
Serra on Surer P17
Winkelhock on Jarier P21

Lap 8
Rosberg on Giacomelli P7
Patrese on Giacomelli P8
Warwick on Giacomelli P9
Jarier on Winkelhock P21
Giacomelli on Warwick P9 (Not on Lap Chart - WAR wing failure + pit)

Lap 9
Rosberg on Lauda P6
Daly on Watson P10

Lap 10
Patrese on Lauda P7 (Not on Lap Chart - PAT pit)
Jarier on Salazar P18

Lap 11
Henton on Surer P16

Lap 12
Rosberg on Tambay P5

Lap 14
de Ang. on de Cesaris P11
Winkelhock on Salazar P18

Lap 15
Piquet on Arnoux P3
Henton on Serra P15
Salazar on Winkelhock P18

Lap 21
Winkelhock on Salazar P17
Mass on Salazar P18

Lap 31
Piquet on Prost P2
Mass on Winkelhock P13

Lap 34
Surer on Lammers P15
Surer on Winkelhock P14
Jarier on Lammers P16

Lap 35
Alboreto on Watson P8
de Angelis on Lammers P16

Lap 36
Daly on Giacomelli P6

Lap 37
Baldi on Watson P9

Lap 38
Lauda on Tambay P4

Lap 40
Daly on Tambay P5

Lap 41
Watson on Surer P12

Lap 44
Watson on Salazar P10

Lap 45
Alboreto on Giacomelli P7
Alboreto on Tambay P6

Lap 46
Surer on Salazar P11

Lap 51
Baldi on Giacomelli P8

Lap 52
Winkelhock on Salazar P12

Lap 60
Baldi on Tambay P7

Lap 65
Watson on Giacomelli P9

Lap 66
Surer on Giacomelli P10

Lap 69
Alboreto on Daly P5

Lap 70
Daly on Alboreto P5

Pit Stop Summary

Lap 1,2 - Jacques Laffite
Lap 9 - Derek Warwick
Lap 10 - Riccardo Patrese
Lap 14 - Marc Surer
Lap 17 - Chico Serra
Lap 24 - Jean-Pierre Jarier
Lap 28 - Elio de Angelis
Lap 32 - Andrea de Cesaris
Lap 38 - John Watson
Lap 40 - Jan Lammers
Lap 42 - Jochen Mass

Highlight Video

Timing Information

After 5 Laps
Pironi 6'51.198
Prost +1.187
Arnoux 4.192
Piquet 8.891
Tambay 13.471
Lauda 13.967

After 10 Laps
Pironi 13'36.428
Prost +3.308
Arnoux 7.178
Piquet 9.639
Tambay 21.117
Rosberg 21.492

After 15 Laps
Pironi 20'21.572
Prost +6.615
Piquet 12.668
Arnoux 14.004
Rosberg 25.501
Tambay 29.621

After 23 Laps
Pironi 31'14.727
Prost +13.784
Piquet 17.484
Rosberg 32.632
Tambay 41.419
Lauda 41.646

After 31 Laps
Pironi 42'10.386
Piquet +20.434
Prost 22.281
Rosberg 36.446
Tambay 47.886
Lauda 48.428

After 35 Laps
Pironi 47'36.440
Piquet +25.692
Rosberg 40.707
Tambay 53.547
Lauda 53.707
Giacomelli 57.075

After 41 Laps
Pironi 55'45.138
Piquet +29.549
Rosberg 43.877
Lauda 58.904
Daly 1'07.029
Tambay 1'11.753

After 68 Lap s
Pironi 1:32'32.015
Piquet +26.020
Rosberg 29.408
Lauda 1'17.194
Daly + 1 Lap
Alboreto 1 Lap

Final (72 Laps)
Pironi 1:38'03.254
Piquet +21.640
Rosberg 22.365
Lauda 1'23.720
Daly + 1 Lap
Baldi 1 Lap
Nice work Keke :thumbsup: , I have one question though:

WAR wing failure + pit
So he was passed, then later in lap his wing failed? How can you be sure that the wing wasn't beginning to fail, attributing to the pass, or was Warwick staying close behind Giacomelli until the wing broke?
or was Warwick staying close behind Giacomelli until the wing broke?

Thanks tooncheese.

Warwick was right behind Giacomelli when the entire rear wing came flying off. At 7:07 in my video I show the Warwick wing failure in slow motion. Of course, I can't be positive that Derek was not experiencing some issues before the complete failure, but the fact that he was still so close to Bruno made me count the previous lap's overtake on him.

Incidentally, Toleman never did sort out this complete rear wing failure, as the same exact thing happened to Senna at Hockenheim 84.
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