1982 British GP Overtakes


1982 British Grand Prix

Brands Hatch Circuit
4.207 km
76 Laps

Brands Hatch was packed with over 100,000 Grand Prix enthusiasts and they had come to see the WDC and WCC leading McLaren team take a win and extend their lead in both championships. Unfortunately for John Watson and British fans of the Ulsterman, it was the wrong McLaren that ended up on the top step of the podium.

One of the main storylines of the GP weekend was Brabham's possible planned pit stop strategy. Bernie Ecclestone's outfit had taken great measures to show their hand by marking their pit box, proudly displaying their pressurized refuelling rig, and fitting their car with a four-pronged hydraulic jack system. All of which led to an air of great speculation.

Drama struck before the race had even officially started, with Pole man Keke Rosberg failing to get away on the formation lap. They eventually got it fired up, but it was too late and he was forced to start at the back of the grid. Patrese stalled when the lights turned green, getting hit from behind soon after by Arnoux, leaving both cars crippled at the line. Nelson Piquet was off into the lead, easing away from Niki Lauda's McLaren by a little bit each lap. If Brabham was planning a pit stop for Piquet it was shaping up to be a very interesting Grand Prix. Unfortunately his race only lasted 9 Laps.

Nelson's exit from the race opened the door wide open for Lauda who had jumped from fifth on the grid to P2 by the end of the first lap. Capitalizing on the nature of the Brands circuit, Lauda was able to pull away from all of his Turbo and NA opponents with ease. At one point he had extended his lead over second place man Didier Pironi to nearly 40 seconds. Patrick Tambay, in his second GP for Ferrari was running a controlled race, working his way up the order gradually until he found himself right behind the third place Lotus of Elio de Angelis with only a couple laps to go. While Lauda was taking the checkered flag after a trouble free run, Tambay slipped by de Angelis into the final podium position. Things were looking good for Pironi and Ferrari with the power circuits coming up.

Overtaking Summary (50 Overtakes)

Lap 2 For
Serra on Guerrero P13
Rosberg on Guerrero P14
Watson on Guerrero P15
Henton on Cheever P17
Baldi on Mansell P21
Mass on Mansell P22

Lap 3
Daly on de Cesaris P6
Warwick on Prost P9
Cheever on Henton P14
Surer on Henton P15
Laffite on Henton P16
Mass on Baldi P18

Lap 4
Daly on Alboreto P5
Warwick on Giacomelli P8
de Cesaris on Alboreto P6
Warwick on Alboreto P7

Lap 5
Prost on Giacomelli P8
Tambay on Giacomelli P9
Laffite on Surer P13

Lap 6
Warwick on de Cesaris P6
Laffite on Cheever P12

Lap 7
Rosberg on Giacomelli P10

Lap 9
Daly on de Angelis P4

Lap 10
Baldi on Mass P15

Lap 11
Rosberg on Tambay P8

Lap 12
Rosberg on Prost P7
Warwick on de Angelis P4

Lap 13
Rosberg on de Cesaris P6

Lap 16
Mansell on Mass P15

Lap 17
Laffite on Giacomelli P9

Lap 18
Warwick on Daly P3

Lap 21
Rosberg on Mansell P15
Mass on Mansell P16
Tambay on Prost P7

Lap 24
Laffite on Prost P8

Lap 25
Warwick on Pironi P2
Rosberg on Baldi P14

Lap 27
Henton on Surer P12
Baldi on Surer P13

Lap 34
Daly on Cheever P10

Lap 36
Rosberg on Mass P15

Lap 38
Daly on Giacomelli P9

Lap 40
Baldi on Henton P12

Lap 43
Daly on Prost P6

Lap 46
Henton on Baldi P10

Lap 47
Tambay on de Cesaris P4

Lap 53
Daly on de Cesaris P5

Lap 56
Cheever on Giacomelli P8

Lap 59
Prost on de Cesaris P6

Lap 76
Tambay on de Angelis P3

Position Changes Left Out

Lap 26 - Baldi on Rosberg (Keke was coming into the pits)

Pit Stop Summary

Lap 16 - Keke Rosberg (Tires/Handling)
Lap 22/23 - Nigel Mansell (Inj.)
Lap 26 - Keke Rosberg
Lap 29 - Derek Daly (Tires)
Lap 29 - Nigel Mansell (Ret.)
Lap 41 - Derek Warwick (Ret.)

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Timing Information

After 21 Laps
Lauda 26'28.586
Pironi +22.345
Warwick 22.546
Daly 23.757
de Angelis 27.206
de Cesaris 44.800

After 27 Laps
Lauda 34'00.785
Warwick +26.301
Pironi 27.984
Daly 28.935
de Angelis 29.428
de Cesaris 48.067

After 39 Laps
Lauda 48'58.607
Warwick +31.737
Pironi 39.543
Daly 41.636
de Angelis 57.124
de Cesaris 59.365

After 69 Laps
Lauda 1:26'34.130
Pironi +36.309
de Angelis 45.292
Tambay 52.839
Daly 57.524
Prost 59.027

Final (76 Laps)
Lauda 1:35'33.812
Pironi +25.726
Tambay 38.436
de Angelis 41.242
Daly 41.430
Prost 41.636
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