1982 Belgian GP Overtakes


Zolder Circuit
4.262 km
70 Laps

47 Overtakes

Lap 2
Daly (Williams) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P10
Mass (March) on Baldi (Arrows) - P20

Lap 3
Jarier (Osella) on Cheever (Ligier) - P12
Mass (March) on Boesel (March) - P19

Lap 4
Lauda (McLaren) on Prost (Renault) - P3

Lap 5
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Prost (Renault) - P4
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Fabi (Toleman) - P15
Mansell (Lotus) on Baldi (Arrows) - P20
Mansell (Lotus) on Boesel (March) - P19

Lap 6
Patrese (Brabham) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P5
Watson (McLaren) on Piquet (Brabham) - P7
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Surer (Arrows) - P15
Mass (March) on Surer (Arrows) - P16

Lap 8
Watson (McLaren) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P6
Mansell (Lotus) on Surer (Arrows) - P17

Lap 9
Patrese (Brabham) on Prost (Renault) - P4
Watson (McLaren) on Prost (Renault) - P5

Lap 15
Alboreto (Tyrrell) on Prost (Renault) - P6
Mass (March) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P15

Lap 18
Jarier (Osella) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P9
Cheever (Ligier) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P10

Lap 23
de Angelis (Lotus) on Boesel (March) - P15

Lap 27
Laffite (Ligier) on Cheever (Ligier) - P9
Boesel (March) on Henton (Tyrrell) - P15

Lap 28
Laffite (Ligier) on Piquet (Brabham) - P8 (Not on Lap Chart)
Piquet (Brabham) on Laffite (Ligier) - P8 (Not on Lap Chart)
Prost (Renault) on Jarier (Osella) - P17
Prost (Renault) on Henton (Tyrrell) - P16

Lap 29
Cheever (Ligier) on Laffite (Ligier) - P9
de Angelis (Lotus) on Surer (Arrows) - P13
Jarier (Osella) on Henton (Tyrrell) - P17

Lap 30
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Lauda (McLaren) - P2
Prost (Renault) on Boesel (March) - P14

Lap 31
Watson (McLaren) on Patrese (Brabham) - P4
de Angelis (Lotus) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P11

Lap 34
Mass (March) on Piquet (Brabham) - P9
Jarier (Osella) on Boesel (March) - P15

Lap 38
de Angelis (Lotus) on Piquet (Brabham) - P9
Prost (Renault) on Surer (Arrows) - P12

Lap 41
Prost (Renault) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P11

Lap 42
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Prost (Renault) - P11

Lap 43
Prost (Renault) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P11

Lap 46
Prost (Renault) on Piquet (Brabham) - P10

Lap 47
Watson (McLaren) on Lauda (McLaren) - P2
de Angelis (Lotus) on Mass (March) - P8

Lap 52
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Piquet (Brabham) - P11

Lap 62
Piquet (Brabham) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P6

Position Changes Left Out

Lap 5
Rosberg (Williams) on Arnoux (Renault) - P1 (Arnoux lost power quickly and was out soon)

Lap 17
Daly (Williams) on Piquet (Brabham) - P7 (Piquet went off the circuit)

Lap 28
Warwick (Toleman) on Baldi (Arrows) - P19 (Baldi in the pits, lost several laps)

Lap 69
Watson (McLaren) on Rosberg (Williams) - P1 (Rosberg made a mistake under braking)

Overtaking Summary Video

Wow I would never have considered there would be that much passing at a circuit like Zolder :o

The TV coverage hardly ever showed any midfield to lower order cars and they clearly missed a lot here :givemestrength: :givemestrength: >:( >:(
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