Absolutely incredible documentary about the sport. Great interviews, fantastic footage, and tragic images take you throughout the entire history of F1, focusing on several of the many fallen heroes the sport has cruelly taken.

NBCsports showed this after Qualifying last week and I watched it again last night. If anybody wants to see it I can probably provide it here. I was just wondering if you guys have seen it?
I have watched it and saved it on my DVR. It is so insightful. I really enjoyed the full look at safety changes throughout the years.

It is interesting to see the continued resistance to safety changes over the years. The drivers really took it upon themselves to promote safety.

The FIA still seem stuck between proving safety and improving "the show". On one hand they promote safe pit stops and clean racing, but on the other hand they are completely fine with open cockpits. Would we be seeing a dramatic charge for driver head safety if Max Chikton had been clouted with that wheel last weekend? Is he high profile enough? Maybe if it had been a "title contender"?

F1 seems to be its own worst enemy for the most part. This documentary should have brought this to their attention, but maybe not.

A definite must watch for all! Thanks for posting KekeTheKing
Very many thanks for bringing this to our attention KekeTheKing . That is the best F1 documentary I have ever seen and I've seen a lot of them. Shed loads of footage and photo's I've never seen before (unlike "Senna") and a wealth of behind the scenes factoids. IMHO it should be required viewing for every F1 fan as it encompasses and shines a light of every aspect of the development of the sport, from top to bottom.

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