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Discussion in 'Pit Lane' started by Brogan, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Brogan

    Brogan Running Man Staff Member

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    It's getting close to the end of the season.

    After the last race we will no longer have a circuit preview on the home page until a few weeks before the first race of next season. So a period of around three months, from early December to early March.

    As such, we're looking for volunteers to write some interesting articles over the next few months which will be featured on the home page.

    These will be standard threads which anyone can respond to, the only difference is they will be showcased on the home page.

    If anyone wants to write anything specifically for the home page then great.
    Otherwise we may just pick out the best threads from the forum directly.

    If there are enough quality articles going forward, then we might even be able to use them throughout next season, only having the circuit previews up a week before, instead of two weeks.
    Or, we could even expand the home page and have both.

    It just depends on how much content there is available.
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  3. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

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    I'll be writing something, maybe a driver-by-driver review (like last year) and probably a jocular Awards Ceremony (like last year).
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  4. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    I did team reviews last year for Muzz606, could do them again if you would like.
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  5. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Everything in moderation Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    I'm sure I can muster up an article for the front page
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  6. Road of Bones

    Road of Bones MTC Mole Premium Contributor

    Throw a prospective title at me, and I'm sure I could wrestle some suitably florid prose into submission...
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  7. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Regarding this, my team reviews where quite long, and I usually posted two at a time for the lower-midfield teams, then seperate for the top teams (Renault onwards), so not sure how this will affect the home page. Would you rather have them all at once or the way I did it last year?
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  8. Brogan

    Brogan Running Man Staff Member

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    It's up to you.
    The home page will only contain a snippet of the article anyway, with a link to the thread, in the same way it currently works for the circuit page.
  9. Jen

    Jen Here be dragons. Contributor

    I note you were looking for 'quality' articles, so probably best not to apply :disappointed:
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  10. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    It's 'quantity' not "quality" LOL
  11. Brogan

    Brogan Running Man Staff Member

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    Quality is very much the byword.

    So competition will be stiff ;)
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  12. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

    How about a profile on Murray Walker, Martin Brundle, James Hunt, James Allen, Jon Legard, David Coulthard, David Croft and Anthony Davidson! I'd love to see it but doubt I could write it!
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  13. Fenderman

    Fenderman Rooters Reporter

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    Fantasy F1 Profile:
    FF1 Profile
    Don't put yourselves down folk's. You could always partner up with someone to tweak your material.

    Me, well I'm happy to have something technical used if it's deemed up to scratch. I wouldn't recommend Rooters - might give peep's the wrong idea about the site! I will be keeping an eye on tech' news during the off season so if I can offer something good, I will. Can't promise anything regular because of my day job but I'll do my best. Hope that's okay.
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  14. Brogan

    Brogan Running Man Staff Member

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    Thanks all.

    Of course we can't promise that all articles will be used; there are only so many weeks in the off season after all.
    If there are enough of them though, we can certainly increase the frequency at which the home page is updated.

    We did actually have a feature article section on the old site, so it will be nice to have it back.
  15. GermanF1

    GermanF1 Race Winner Contributor

    I have no idea if my English would be sufficient, but I could try to write a season review, which, of course, should be edited by one of the native speakers, if that would be possible.
    But on the other hand I could understand if no one wants to do that, because they obviously have their own business to mind...
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  16. Brogan

    Brogan Running Man Staff Member

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    From what I can see, your English is perfectly fine :) Better than a lot of native English speakers even ;)

    Besides, this isn't a grammar and spelling forum :D
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  17. jez101

    jez101 Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me Contributor

    Some tyre analysis?

    Clip The Apex Fantasy Formula 1 Season Review?

    (nb, that one might depend on Lewis, Felipe, Fernando and Mark not crashing into each other in the last two races :whistle:)
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  18. GermanF1

    GermanF1 Race Winner Contributor

    Thank you, I think I will give it a shot, if I will find the time...

    You used the words "Lewis", "Felipe" and "not crash" in one sentence, you must be delusional:)
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  19. Brogan

    Brogan Running Man Staff Member

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    That would be a great one.
    The work you guys have been doing on that definitely deserves a wider audience.
  20. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    I'd like a review done on FOTA, someone to explain why F1 needs FOTA and what exactly FOTA is all about.
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  21. tooncheese

    tooncheese Hans Heyer Contributor

    Will we be able to have a picture in the corner of the article like the old site? If there are too many articles maybe a couple of smaller boxes for the others so no-one is left out.(like the old site:snigger:) I like Xenforo, honest!

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