FIA YOUR the Head of the FIA, What rule changes would you bring?


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Over the past couple of weeks there has been lots of debate about the rules for 2010.
So lets say you were the Head of the FIA and you had complete control of the 2010 regulations. What changes would you bring?
Changes to the Race, techincal Regs, points systems??? What do you want see in F1 that you believe it would be made better.

If It were me, Id have a field day LOL

Technical Regulations
  • I would make all teams use control brakes, gearboxes, and fuel, and Then hopefully that would allow the Techincal Regulations to be opened up a bit for some new innovations and save costs
  • Restrict The Front Wing and rear Wings to use only two 'planes' and also ban the mini wings that have appeared on the front wing
  • The Driver must only be in control of, the accellorator, brakes, gears, steering, and clutch wilst driving. Therfore removing 'aids' like adjusting brake balance, Fuel mixes, how much Rev's are adjusted, KERS and that silly ajustable front wing.
  • The Driver of the car must start his own car, Hopefully would reduce the cost of having expensive computer equipment to start an F1 car.

  • There will be a maximum of 30 cars in a race with an unlimted amount able to attempt qualifying
  • Allow customer Cars(ala Moto GP), By doing this, I would hope that it would encourage more teams into F1 buy not having to find funding for delvoping and making a car, such as facilites, staff equipment
  • Due to customer cars, a person cannot have own or have shares in another team, Likewise staff, drivers must only have contracts with one team, This excludes staff from engine providers and tyre manufactors
  • Allow 1 car Teams, This would also be to reduce costs by not having to use two cars per weekend. Max of 2 per team cars atill apply.
  • Allow 'wildcard' entries, This is to help with the marketing of F1 and teams invovled by for example having an AGR entry for Mario Andretti at USA, These Drivers/teams would only be allowed to participate in 3 races per year and not allowed to enter any Manufactors or Teams championship.

  • Becuse of the new customer car rules there would be 3 championchips, Drivers, Teams and Manufactors. Teams would be for all teams with a 2 car entry whilst, Manufactors would be the points scored from just Cars involved (ala WTCC,BTCC)

Race Weekend
  • Points Scoring would be extended for the top 10 and be as follows: 20,15,12,10,8,6,4,3,2,1.
  • An extra point would be given for Pole postion and Fastest lap.
  • Qualifying would consist of a Superpole and would have three phases:
    - Phases 1: saturday pratice, would be doubled up as quali 1 and extened to 2 hours, Drivers will have unlimited laps
    - Phase 2: 15 minutes before 'Superpole'/Quali 2, All drivers will be called into a meeting, where based upon postion in Quali 1 they can choose in which slot to start the superpole session, This would be viewed on TV. for example:
    if the top 3 were Alonso, Hamilton, Massa. Alonso would pick which car out he would be, then Hamilton and so on
    This would give the fastest drivers more flexabilty in changeable Superpole sessions.
    -Phase 3: would be the Superpole session.

  • Instead of a 10place grid drop for an unsheduled gearbox change, The Team would be given a 3 point dedctuion in the Teams Champ.
  • Instead of a 10place grid drop for the use of a 9th engine the team would get a 10 point deduction in the Teams champ and a 3 point deduction for any more engines used thereafter.

Cant you tell Ive put a little thought into this eh? lmao
I'm not too sure about technical regulations, but I have a few ideas:

  • Drivers and 2 car teams unlimited, qualify in elimination format with as many sessions as necessary on Saturday afternoon
  • Top 10 shootout is one-lap quali with order reversed from previous session
  • Low-fuel last quali session
  • Top 20 qualify automatically for Sunday afternoon race
  • All others take respective positions on grid for Sunday morning "quali-race playoff" for last 6 places

    eg. Q21=P1, Q22=P2 etc. on Sunday morning grid
    M1=Grid 21, M2=Grid 22 etc.

  • Stewards' enquiries banned from seeking testimony from teams/drivers involved - use only facts
  • Blocking in qualifying puts you 1 place behind blocked driver if this is a disadvantage to you
  • Points system - 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Compounds of tyres choice of teams, no unique supplier
  • Compulsory budget cap of £80m
  • 2 Championships - Drivers and Constructors supplimented by "F1 Cup"
  • Race results frozen 6 hours after race; further punishments must be applied to next race
  • Grid drop will not relegate you to play-off race eg. Qualify 11th, 10 place grid drop, start 21st, winner of play-off starts 20th...

    F1 Cup
  • Midweek
  • 3 semi-finals between 1/3 of cars, randomly drawn @ Imola, Montreal, Indianapolis
  • Pole-position shoot out followed by short (100km) race 1hr later
  • Top 2 from each SF go into final at Silverstone
  • Winner of race wins "F1 Cup"!

Sounds fun, I see the cup as a fast and furious race to the line!
Following discussions with colleagues, I've come back to this thread.

This is what I'd like to see to start with

Tech regs
  • Ban carbon/ceramic brakes,
    Increase minimum weight to 675kg, with no more than 50kg allowed to be moveable ballast.
Aim - Braking zones increased, more chance of being able to outbrake opponent

  • Restrict brake balance to 3 settings (Had thought about removing this totally, but some allowance should be made for weight changes during the race)
    Remove/restrict fuel mixture changes (Allow a few changes to effect power increase but at the risk of runnng out of fuel)
Aim - There is no need/realistic gain in so many buttons and variables on the steering wheel - Excessive cost for little gain.

Wings - Must be non-moveable
  • Front wings to have a maximum cross sectional area, but designers are allowed to vary the height (i.e. raised nose = raised wing). Cross section of wing must be uniform from 25cm either side of centre line to the outer edge (not including endplate)
    Rear wings to also have a maximum cross sectional area, and a uniform cross section from 25cm either side of the centre line to the outer edge.
Aim - Allows variation in design by varying wing height, and the number of planes/flaps, but removes the winglets/turning vanes.

  • Rear tyres to increase width to 425mm
    Aim -Wider rear tyres just look better

  • Retain 2.4l config (to retain cost reduction exercises already in place), but also allow turbocharged engines, max 4 cylinder 1.2l.
Aim - Allows performance differentials, more power but at the cost of fuel consumption.

Sporting Regulations
  • Ban mid-race refuelling
    2 tyre compounds brought to race, no obligation to use both sets - Design requirements - Whilst the softer tyre is quicker, it will degrade to suh an extent that it becomes slower than the harder compound; The harder tyre should be made durable for a whole race distance.
Aim - Grands Prix become Grands Prix again, not 3 sprint races. But, those who choose to run softer compounds can run quicker, but run the risk of degradation/having to make a pitstop.
  • Qualifying to remain the same
    Race day warm-up to return
Aim - Qualifying returns to the ultimate fastest car being on pole, but we can also see who looks good in race trim

Points system
  • Teams allowed to enter 3rd cars, full season's particiaption not required but subject to qualifying rule.
    Where the entry list is more than 20 cars 10-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    Where the entry list is 20 cars or less, 9-6-4-3-2-1
    1 point for fastest race lap
Aim - 8 points finishes for 20 cars is too high a percentage. There would be a higher premium for winning, and also for finishing in the points. By increasing the points for more than 20 cars, this may mean a leading team enters a 3rd car at later races to increase the points to be won.
All very interesting ideas so far.

I have one thing to add....

If I were the current head of the FIA, I'd step down in November and stop making a mockery of this once great sport ;)
Speshal said:
If I were the current head of the FIA, I'd step down in November and stop making a mockery of this once great sport ;)
<Comic Book Guy>Best. Idea. Ever.</Comic Book Guy>

I've said this a couple of times before but I would encourage and support an unlimited number of tyre suppliers.

F1 in the past has seen involvement from Pirelli, Firestone, Dunlop, Avon, Mitchelin etc etc. There were times when each tyre company had the perfect tyre for only one or two tracks. Who remembers for example, a Minardi qualifying on the second row thanks to the tyres.

I would drop the option and control rule and let teams use what ever compound they felt they needed. One of the reasons cars had to rely for so long on aero grip was because of the controls placed on tyres and the lack of room for development by an individual team due to there being a one tyre make series.
teabagyokel said:
[font=Comic Sans MS

[u:30oqawk7:30oqawk7]F1 Cup[/u:30oqawk7]
  • Midweek
  • 3 semi-finals between 1/3 of cars, randomly drawn @ Imola, Montreal, Indianapolis
  • Pole-position shoot out followed by short (100km) race 1hr later
  • Top 2 from each SF go into final at Silverstone
  • Winner of race wins "F1 Cup"!

Sounds fun, I see the cup as a fast and furious race to the line![/font:30oqawk7]

I like that Idea!

Perhaps somethink for the test-drivers to do whilest the season ban is in place. With no testing during the season it is gunna be really tough for the new blood to come through now, Also if can be run on the cheap :)

some intresting Ideas there Muddy I would add your tech regluations to the list too, They were something i thought of too but forgot bout them (My orginal idea for this tread came at the end of 08 season but my comp was broke)
The draw would be like the FA Cup draw with the car numbers written on the balls. You wouldn't have to field your WDC drivers but you couldn't field them in the "wrong" car. For example, Renault would be allowed to field:

7 ALO, 8 PIQ; 7 ALO, 8 GRO; 7 GRO, 8 PIQ or any combination of non-WDC drivers.

This is to stop them for example saying "car 8 is in the easier draw, we'll put 'Nando in that car...!"

The circuits picked were chosen because they were F1-quality circuits which are not on the calendar next year - although it could be a way of sorting out something for the Hockenheim/Nurburgring and Fuji/Suzuka rotating contracts.

Anyway, just a thought...

Send the blueprints to Bernie...
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