Your Five greatest moments in Formula one?


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Here the are people with varying experience of Formula One ans for that matter motorsport and also a lot of differnt views about various subjects.
So I was wondering what are your favorite moments in motorsport? They could be anthing really, a great overtaking move, a great drive from a particular driver, A defining moment in battle for the Championchip, or even a whole race

Here are mine. Im only picking things that happened since ive been watching F1

1). Massa and Kubica's last lap battle in fuji 2007
2). Barrichello's win from 18th at Hockenhiem 2000
3). Damon Hill's drive in Hungray for arrows in 1997
4). Olivier Panis' First win in Monaco 1996
5)=. M Schumachers drive at Catalunya 1996
5)=. M.Hakkiens overtaking move on Schumi ai Spa 2000

* I coudn't pick between the last two so i cheated a little :D
Hmmm, that's a tricky one.

My memories not great at the best of times, never mind trying to recall stuff from 20+ years ago :D

I'm going to have a good think about this....
5. Mika Hakkinen - overtaking Michael Schumacher, Belgian GP 2000
4. Keke Rosberg - pole position, British GP 1985
3. Nigel Mansell - overtaking Gerhard Berger, Mexican GP 1990
2. Ayrton Senna - opening lap, European GP 1993
1. Arnoux vs. Villeneuve - closing laps of French GP 1979
This is a tough one because names/dates/tracks/cars etc all seem to merge but these are my top F1 memories since I've been watching.

In reverse order,

5) Christian Fittipaldi flipping his Minardi over the back of his team mates car, landing on his wheels and still managing to cross the finish line.

4) Takuma Sato passing Alonso at Canada last year

3) Hakinen over taking a back marker and Schumacher in one breath (the best over taking I have ever seen)

2) Damon Hill taking Jordans first win at a rain soaked Spa

1) Senna's first win in the pouring rain of Estoril in 1985.

Ah, Happy memories

C_A_T ;)
Since I'm only young, the last 10 years have to be the ones I know of so...

  1. Sato passing Alonso at Montreal in 2007
  2. Barrichello's win at Hockenheim 2000
  3. Hakkinen lapping Zonta, passing Schumi at Spa 2000
  4. Alonso passing Schumi around 130R at Suzuka 2005
  5. Fisi winning first GP at Brazil 2003 for Jordan

The 5 worst moments of F1 in those 10 years:

  1. Indianapolis 2005
  2. Barrichello handing over the win to Schumacher 2002
  3. Alonso's idiocy in Hungary 2007
  4. Schumi and Barrichello staging a "dead heat" in Indianapolis 2002
  5. 2004

And, finally, F1's most gut-wrenching moments

  1. Adrian Sutil robbed by Raikkonen at Monaco 2008
  2. Luca Badoer's only F1 points down the drain at the Nurburgring 1999
  3. Mika Hakkinen, Monza 1999...
  4. Lewis throwing the title away - Shanghai 2007
  5. Coulthard, Schumacher; Spa 1998
1. Damon Hill's drive for Brabham at Silverstone in 92
2. Damon Hill's Championship winning finish at Suzuka in 96
3. Damon Hill's 2nd place finish for Arrows at Hungaroring in 97
4. Damon Hill's first win for Jordan at Spa in 98
5. Damon Hill nearly falling off a paddock bike in the Paddock Club at Silverstone in 95 (my fault!)

Never liked him.
My favorite 5:

1. Raikkonen's drive at Suzuka in 2005, and passing Fisichella into the first turn, on the last lap for the win.
2. Hamilton's last lap at Brazil in 2008, and securing the WDC.
3. Hakkinen passing Schumacher at Spa in 2000.
4. Damin Hill's near win in an Arrows, at Hungary in 1997.
5. Michael Schumacher stuck in 5th gear at Spain in 1995, but still managed to finish in 2nd place.
My Favorite:

1.Nigel Mansell giving Ayrton Senna a lift back to the pits at the end of the 1991 British Grand Prix
2.Damon Hill winning the World Championship in 1996.
3.David Coulthard and Michael Schumacher having a flare up in the pits at Spa in 1998.
4.Lewis Hamiltons win at the British Grand Prix in 2008 in appalling weather conditions.
5.Jaques Villeneuve overtaking Michael Schumacher on the outside of the final corner at Estoril in 1996
My three greatest "I was there moments"

1. Keke Rosberg's pole lap at Silverstone in 1985
2. Didier Pironi's wheel falling off at Jarama in 1980
3. Damon Hill catching and then crashing into Schumacher at Silverstone in 1995. Herbert won (sounds funny saying that now :s )

Four that I watched on telly

1. Damon Hill winning the title at Suzuka in 1996
2. Nigel Mansell winning at Brands Hatch in 1985
3. Hakkinen on Schumacher at Spa in 2000
4. Mansell vs Piquet at Silverstone in 1997

And one "I wish I had seen but I was a bit too young"

1. Arnoux vs. Villeneuve - closing laps of French GP 1979

Worst moments.

1. Imola 1994

Nothing in sport comes close to how bad that was to watch.

Finally, three epic fails

1. Indianapolis 2005
2. Schumacher taking out Hill in Australia in 1994
3. Schumacher and Barrichello, Austria 2002
1. 1967 Italian GP--Clark loses a lap due to a puncture, yet regains the lead! Ultimately finishes third due a faulty fuel pump. IMHO, the greatest driver of all time's greatest drive.

2. 1970 Monaco GP--Rindt hounding Brabham into a last-lap error to claim the victory.

3. 1967 Belgian GP--Gurney getting the victory in his own Eagle-IMHO the most beautiful F1 car of all time

4. 1968 British GP--The epic Siffert/Amon duel!

5. 1997 Hungarian--Damon nearly getting the win for the hapless Arrows team.

Honorable Mention: Jackie Stewart's incredible drive to victory at the 1968 German GP in the worst weather conditions I ever saw a race held in: pouring rain and blinding fog covering the entire REAL Nurburging circuit.


2005 Indianapolis--nothing even approaches that shambles!
I remember reading in Motortsport that Clark regarded his fourth place at the Nurburgring in 1962 was his best ever. My second live race, the first being the Nurburgring in 1961. Two great races.

Other non-race events were hearing the BRM V16 for the first time on the radio, Vanwall winning the first constructors championship in 1958.

For the fifth how about Spa 2002. We were on the bank just before Puhon during qualifying when there was the threat of rain and all the drivers went straight out as soon as the lights turned green. There was a Michael Schumacher fan in front of us who was bowing with his arms up to his hero, paying his obeisance on the first three laps. Then 30 seconds after the cars had passed us for the third time Michael Schumacher came past on his out lap. He had not gone out with the rest so the fan had been worshipping Barrichello.
Favourite races (that I saw live):

5. Europe 2012 - 57 qualifying laps?
4. Germany 1998 - Jacques still has it
3. Spain 1996 - Shumacher at his finest
2. Japan 2005 - What a race!
2. Brazil 2007 - From nowhere, Raikkonen
1. Suzuka 2000 - It doesn't get any better than this
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