Susie Wolff, Female Drivers and Formula One


You also have the same number of F1 wins as Chris Amon!

If you put Patrick into a Mercedes she would be trouncing probably at least two-thirds of the field. IMO, at best, only a half-dozen of the field today is there on merit. And today, and, indeed, for the past 10 years, the WDC is more about the car you are in than the abilities of the driver.
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As did Damon Hill but they were not sponsored they risked everything by taking out bank loans to pursue their passion which isn't quite the same thing as having a rich daddy or a banking conglomerate to back you..
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Many drivers just used to buy there own car and enter F1.

Yes, but to make the move into an established factory team, they had to display REAL talent, which is, sadly, no longer the case.
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Which is one more than a lot of the men have ever achieved...
Yeah but nobody is claiming that those men would do better than the F1 pay drivers. Also that win came on an oval trick, and on a day in which IndyCar held two full points races, one in Japan and one in Long Beach, for some complicated reunification reasons.
[SIZE=4]Il_leone[/SIZE] I'll grant you that much, but I just don't think Danica Patrick is F1 quality. She was barely Indy quality, and stats bear out that people who are good in Indy can struggle at the F1 level, so imagine how ill-suited to F1 someone who genuinely struggles in Indy is. Remember, Indy requires an A license, the same as GP2, and drivers coming from GP2 can struggle in F1 as well.
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