Your 5 best ideas for improving F1


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I'll start
1.No more specified engines, teams can run any multi-cylinder, piston driven, 4 stroke engine they want but it has to breath through an FIA supplied restrictor plate and use approved fuel. Fuel flow unrestricted.
2.Bring back re-fueling but with a gravity fed jug like NASCAR
3.Teams can use any two tires compounds they want but Pirelli must be informed of choice two weeks before race
4.Only 4 pit crew may work on car in pit stops (think of the money saved)
5.Restricted radio communication between team and driver.
1. Get rid of Bernie
2. Get rid of Bernie
3. Get rid of Bernie
4. Get rid of Bernie
5. Get rid of Bernie

sorry couldn't resist.

1. Get rid of street tracks they don't suit F1
2. Big limits on wing size and depth, bring back huge fat tyres. Mechanical grip not aero.
3. Points for everyone. 1st to 20th that way we get a championship battle even at the back of the grid. No double point races goes without saying.
4. No driver aid gimmicks, bin DRS bin Electric power boosts.
5. Get rid of Bernie.
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1. Allow driver aids including adjustable aero.
2. Allow ground effect.
3. Reinstate all the "great" circuits.
4. Car to pit radio only.
5. One horizontal front wing, one rear (no additional winglets, scoops, side bars etc) no wider than width of car at corresponding axle.

And cupcakes.
1.Restrict the amount of money a team can spend. I mean down to peanuts, for all of them
2.No Sponsors.
3.Sack Bernie
4.No high tech innovations.
5.No more large HQ's, back with the grubby garage full of oily technicians.
1. Get rid of DRS
2. Get rid of double points
3. Cut the Ecclestone/FOM disease out of F1, by doing so F1 won't make as much money in the short-run but in the long term it will create stability for the sport instead of building new tracks in distant countries (to the main European fanbase) using them for 4 years and buggering off, the good times (money) won't last forever.
4. Equality between the teams when it comes to prize/TV money. I'd also like to see teams have greater say in the sport, perhaps with teams getting voting points, for each year a team has been in F1 they get a point (capped at 10). There'd be a rule to cover the Red Bull/Toro Rosso situation too.
5.Get rid of the niggly rules like running both types of tyre compounds etc.
Let them get on with it - so more racing, innovation, spending what they like, then stop 'standardising' the sport, far fewer rules (except the safety ones).
I know it would be anathema to many but, in the spirit of 'Evolve or die', I wouldn't mind the idea of a reverse-grid race in addition to the main race, as long as the main race wasn't shortened or otherwise compromised. None of that BTCC lottery-style drawing a ball out of a plastic pot, just a fully reversed grid based on finishing positions in the first race, maybe for fewer points overall (again, to preserve the integrity of the main race).
Or possibly a reverse-grid race before the main race, perhaps even on the Saturday, based on finishing positions at the previous GP.

Just imagine, Max on pole!

Overall, I think that such an idea would be less gimmicky than DRS, forced use of two tyre compounds, Abu Dhouble etc. and could produce some genuine, exciting racing at each meeting.
Personally, I have no real problems with F1, and I quite like to see the varying interpretation of the regs over the years. Although some of the sporting regs leave something to be desired.

That said, I personally love it when rather than being given a set of regulations, the teams are given a brief, and work to that.

For example, the Bugatti Veyron was designed based around some statements from the then chief exec, stating things like it must be able to keep the interior at 21.5 degrees whilst travelling at 200mph.

So, the brief could be something like overall dimensions, fuel tank size, cost, materials, top speed, max cornering g, crash test requirements.

Then send the teams away, and let them build something.
I quite like the idea of allowing teams to pick tyre compounds prior to the event. The difference between a super soft and hard at the same race could spice it up. Only if they could ditch the 2 compound rule though and not stop if they wanted.
1. Get rid of Bernie - well he's nearly 90 so he's going to be buried 6 feet under soon unless his wife knackers him out
2. Return of manual gearboxes - ban all semi automatic gearboxes... increases driver's skill and the likelihood they may miss a gear therefore punish drivers for mistakes

3. Bring back wider tyres ( due to happen I believe)
4. Get rid of stupid wing plates and anything that adds additional downforce
5. replace run off tarmac with gravel pits/ trap ..sorry drivers running wide can come back on the track without losing position or time
( tracks like Suzuka where drivers are punished for making mistake should be the norm) and I don't mean to the point where they could get killed
If they did points 3 and 4 then naturally DRS zone will erode or be shortened to reduce the need for artificial tow

As for not selecting compounds then everyone will pick the most durable tyre and go through the whole race without stopping especially places like Monaco which is what Bridgestone designed capable of doing... we would then see more boring tactics from both Sauber and Force India knowing they are slower than the cars in front and forming a train behind them ::crazy:

If you add a pit stops for tyres there is a strategy element which could be used to gain positions but also outsmart the opposition
not if there was a severe difference between the hard and super soft. There would be a great shout for someone on the faster tyre overtaking even at Monaco. They would be able to gain enough of an advantage to make the extra stops.
1. Better tracks, more specifically more variety
2. Looser technical regulations
3. No team telemetry
4. Budget caps and more even money distribution
5. Better/Independent TV direction
I too would like to see a return to manual gearboxes. If everyone in my family can shift gears (even in non-synchromesh gearboxes!) why can't the so-called "best drivers on earth"? They would also be VASTLY cheaper than the automated box of tricks they use now.
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