Tennis Wimbledon 2013


Thank you and good night
Wow! That was some last set!!!

If you get a chance, watch it - nothing better since Borg and McEnroe

Edit: and I normally have about a three game limit


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Andy Murray - Absolute legend. Right now I'm not interested in petty point scoring with people who plainly hate the guy for no reason, he did it for himself. No-one can say anything that can change the fact that he is a two-time Grand Slam winner, he's won Wimbledon and he's done all this after coming back from an event where he could easily have been one of his kids shot dead in Dunblane. He can be proud of himself but given how modest he is he won't get carried away.


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Watched F1 over the tennis, then had to go to work. There's a pub right beside our work, and the roar we heard when he won was like as if you are at Centre Court.

I thought Djockovic was lacklustre, as if he couldn't be bothered. You know, like one of those days you wake up, and you just can't be bothered doing even your hobbies. But the last game showed what a champion he is and the way he never gave up.

Murray on the other hand, just looked on the best form possible. The shots he was playing where superb, it's as if something just clicked.

Anyway, a bit disappointed that the final wasn't that great, guess we've been spoiled by the back to back finals of 2008 and 2009. Was wanting Del Potro to win it, as it's the best he's looked ever since that big injury he got after the grand slam he won.
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