Tennis Wimbledon 2013

Johnny Carwash

World Champion
With the All England tennis tournament less than a week away who is going to reign supreme this year.

Will Roger Federer back up his recent win at Halle and go on to win his 8th singles victory.
Can World number 1 Novak Djokovic reclaim the title that he won in 2011.
Will Rafael Nadal do better than he did last year and get past the 2nd round.
Can Andy Murray win the Championship for the first time in his career, and end a run of 77 years since the last British singles male winner.
Or will there be a surprise winner were Jo- Wilfried Tsonga, David Ferrer, or Tomas Berdych take there game to the next level and win.

Finally can anyone in the Women's singles stop Serena Williams from claiming her 6th Wimbledon singles title.
I'll be looking out for a certain player! Might even see if she's free for a date!

As for the men's title, is Andy Roddick still playing? I'd vote for him...

Aye, me too, but he's retired now!

He was my favourite tennis player by far, unlucky that he emerged when Federer did, the only real challenger to Federer, and losing Wimbledon to him 4 times in the final must feel shitty.

I still remember that awesome 2009 final, if he hadn't missed that volley in the second set at 6-4 during the tiebreak, then things could have been different.

His service was the best part of his game, but in 2009, he became a complete player, sadly for him, it was near the end of his career.

PS. Just checked, he lost 5 grand slam finals, all against Roger Federer.
Not looking good at the moment for Rafa Nadal 2 sets down and a break of serve down, but even in these situations you still can't rule Nadal out of coming back.
Andy is looking MIGHTY GOOD................Becker was no push-over...'thats for sure'
Cmon Andy..........bring it on
Great Win..
So much for the hype that Federer and Nadal would meet in the Quarter Finals. With Nadal going out It just makes the draw that bit easier in the bottom section now.
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