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Who will beat whom?

  • Fernando "Is Faster Than You" Alonso

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2010 was a year where Ferrari had a clear number 1, at least by the German Grand Prix. But earlier in the season, they were allowing Massa to obstruct his team-mate in both Australia and Malaysia. So, is it game on?

Either way, Felipe was beaten to a pulp by Fernando Alonso last season, but the Brazilian has come back from being written off before and has made a habit of proving doubters wrong. Alonso, however, hasn't been beaten by a team-mate on WDC points since 2004, and only one team-mate has even come close to him in that time.

So, do you go the predictable way and back Fernando or do you go for the man who has resisted all attempts to move him away from the red seat? Or do you get on the Banco Bilbao Fence?


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Call me a cynic but Ferrari have always had a clear #1 driver and with the abolition of team orders (hahahahaha) I'm pretty sure all their eggs are in a Fernando shaped basket.


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I was just trying to be even-handed in the opening blurb to the thread, and I found it quite difficult. I would be utterly delighted if I'm wrong here, but it is going to be Alonso.


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I have to assume since Fernando didn't win the Championship last season none of Ferrari's contractual obligations have been fulfilled. Even if Felipe were to be reincarnated as his former self there is no possibility of beating his teammate that I can see.

It is a total and utter foregone conclusion which is rather sad... :(

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No contest, Alonso by a country mile. Whatever confidence Massa was building after his crash last year would have been knocked out of him by the (ironic in it's location) call to move over for Alonso, as evidenced by his race results later in the year.


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I want to vote for Massa but the only way he will beat the number 5 car on points is if Alonso has a crash or incident that puts him out for most of the season. As we don't want to see any driver crash out my vote has to go to Alonso.


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There's no way on earth it will be anyone other than Alonso. In fact I wouldn't be shocked if Massa didn't even complete the season.


I can't believe all the votes for Fernando. Felipe has dominated this category for years now.

Wait, what? This isn't the contest for who will say "For Sure" the most in a single GP weekend?

Oh well, I'll still take Phil Massa for argument's sake, Petrov scarred Alonso for life.


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I'm afraid that I have to go along with the herd here. I rather imagine that the two drivers contracts are such that it is impossible for Massa to have any chance of beating Alonso.


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Would love to say Massa, but thats not going to happen with the clause in Alonsos contract..

So i'll sit on the fence as there is no, "I don't vote for cheats" option..


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I think whatever contracts there are will be locked away in a drawer marked "irrelevant" and gathering a lot of dust, since Alonso will thoroughly trounce Massa in the Brazilian's final season with Ferrari.

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This one's easy..........Felipe Massa. 8-)

Why? Simple.........he's got nothing to lose by going all-out, 10/10ths' every race, every session. If, as an earlier post put it. 'it is the Brazilian's final season?', why should Massa worry about upsetting Alonso, Domencali, MontezemMontezemalthe Godfather, etc.,etc.,etc., especially now that team orders are no longer a concern in F1. :o :o :o :o


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Alonso, easy.

Think Massa is a great driver but im starting to think he needs to get away from ferrari for any long term success, If he is to get one over Alonso he needs to make alonso eat his dust at the start of the season, Then we will see if Di Montezemolo was telling the truth about backing the guy ahead of the Championship.


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My heart says Massa, but reality keeps getting in the way...
My Head says Alonso, however, my sense of well-being, contentment and peace of mind prohibit deliberately voting for an option that will cause me potential mental instability.

Therefore I will sit on the Athletic Bilbao fence. (Bilbao being in the Basque region, an autonomous region, I have chosen my own name for the fence and demand that everyone recognises my right to name the fence even though it is part of the same fence).


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McZiderRed said:
Therefore I will sit on the Athletic Bilbao fence. (Bilbao being in the Basque region, an autonomous region, I have chosen my own name for the fence and demand that everyone recognises my right to name the fence even though it is part of the same fence).

Sorry, MZR, you will not be able to sit on that fence unless you are of Basque origin/nationality, as is the rules of playing for Athletic Bilbao!
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