Who will beat whom - cars 5 & 6

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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Moving on to the next pair Sebastian "Wunder Kind" Vettel vs the "Shop Steward" Mark Webber.

So who will finish higher in the WDC; or will you take the caffeine free, diet Coke option?
Vettel, no contest really.

Webber should be fully recovered from his bike injury so he hasn't really got an excuse any more. I just don't think he has it left in him to be as quick as Vettel. I think he missed the boat a few years back.

Vettel should be in with a shout of the title if Newey gives him a car with as quick as last year but with more consistancy across the range of circuits.
I too voted with the herd and went for Vettel. As much as it pains me to say though, Webber wasn't embarrassed last season.
Although I'm not convinced Vettel will reach the predicted heights, he is on the rise and the "Car Killer is on the wane, so it's got to be Mr Smarmy!
Ah, you saw though my cunning pseudonym cloud.

Vettel = Mr Smarmy = Higher Points

Webber = Car Breaker = Lucky to make the end of the season

Sorry to confuse :whistle:
Mark Webber is an excellent driver who's had many years of toil for little reward. His consecutive no-scores from Europe to Japan destroyed his Championship prospects although it was largely not his fault. He's overachieved at many of his teams, such as Jaguar.

Notwithstanding all this, Webber is going to be food in 2010 for Vettel!
The herd mentality is certainly a force here! I can't see Webber finishing ahead of Vettel this year, i feel he had his chance last season. I don't think Mark will be thumped though.
Too close to call. Vettel still has a lot to learn, with a proper pre season for Webber, we could see him improve on his victories last year. I can't stand the guy but let's not write him off just because Vettel is the hot cookie at the moment.
I thought about this for quite a bit (5 minutes!) and, as I couldn't decide which way to vote, I've gone for "too close to call". I was tempted to vote for Webber, but realised that was based on my not liking Vettel, rather than any racing related reasoning.

Vettel may well be ahead of Webber, but not by much, as Webber doesn't have his broken leg to nurse this time around...

So, "Too Close to Call" it is then. :)
As I am an Australian who has been living in the U.S. for over 30 years, I should, out of loyalty, vote for Mark. Unfortunately, I thnk his age works against him, so I have to go with the herd and vote for Vettel.
I think it will be closer than some people expect, but Vettel's wins will be counter-balanced by Webber's consistency. Vettel to just shade it overall.
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