Who will beat whom - cars 11 & 12

Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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Not my cup of cake
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Now Renault have announced their line up who is going to be the fastest wasp on the track? Will it be Robert "don't mention my receding hairline" Kubica or Vitaly "the Vyborg Rocket" Petrov? These two are full of eastern (European) promise, but who will finish higher in the WDC?

Or you can choose the McNugget option...
I guess I will start the stampede here and cast my vote for RK. Even with his lacklustre year last season, he is still one of the quicker drivers out there IMO.
:dunno: Who is these guy?

He'd have to be incredibly brilliant and absorb light at an incredible rate to appear out of nowhere and outshine Robert Kubica. Either that or Robert will have to have missed his seat fitting and be incapable of fitting in the car... could happen. :whistle:
Although I do like mysteries, they're not always a good thing. I have a feeling this Russain geezer Petrov will be more "Kinder Egg" rather than "Faberge Egg".
OK, Kinder Eggs may look good to begin with, but the chocolate isn't that great and you just know that the toy inside will either be incomplete or just be plain :censored:

So, although Kubica is not a jewel encrusted egg, I'm trusting that he'll be better than the "great Russain hope". Kubica is my choice. :)
Petrov's CV doesn't look too bad but I don't expect him to beat Kubica. His Wiki entry states "he hopes to be scoring points by mid-season" so he is at least being realistic in his ambitions.
Nice to see some drivers at Renault who are not managed by Flavio Briatore by the way, the phrase "conflict of interests" has been overused, but not in that particular case!

The Russian petrodollars are not going to oust talent. I expect Kubica to be Jordan Renault's best driver this year!
That's hilarious. He won the 2002 Lada Cup Russia by taking 5 wins, 5 Poles and 5 fastest laps, scoring 500 points in 5 races.

And what car was he driving?

A Skoda Favorit LOL

Lada Cup? Skoda Favorit? :thinking:
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