Who will be WDC 2008?

Who will be WDC 2008?

  • Robert Kubica

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  • Kimi Räikkönen

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  • Nick Heidfeld

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Who do you think will be WDC 2008?

I've limited the poll to the 6 drivers with the most points as realistically speaking, the other teams/drivers are too far behind (at present) in terms of relative performance.
I've gone for Kimi as I feel Ferrari will just be too strong this year and I expect him on balance to beat Felipe, not to mention he has number 1 driver status at Ferrari...

That's not necessarily who I want to win it though ;)
You'd think the beeb could come up with poll options like this ..

Oh, I could have some fun here!!!

I've gone for Massa to win this year , Kimi is too inconsistent and the McLarens wont match Ferrari all season long!
str8guy said:
Oh, I could have some fun here!!!
I thought you might like the poll features.... ;)
I posted this first poll to give people an idea of what's possible on the board.
I think the Iceman will win. He always seems to thaw out and wake up in the second half of the season. I'm still not convinced Massa is consistent enough to win the WDC. I hope Lewis wins it though.
Only the top 6 drivers have been included.
If he manages to make it into the top 6 by half-way through the season then I'll add him in :)
Yep, I've just voted for Massa.

Apparently they're investigating LH's last overtake in the final race.......... ;) (he had 4 wheels on his car which is apparently, an unfair advantage)
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