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Try and match the quotes to the member, who commented on the race! Half a point for the race and a full point for the member!

Vettel almost got a Grand Chelem, Button got the fastest lap though.

It was no-FIAt-please about the Singapore GP

Jenson said that Mclaren's pitstops have been quicker than Red Bull this weekend. True Jenson, but they are putting on 4 wheel nuts while your guys are only putting on 3

It was johnnoble1990 about the British GP

I don't know why they bother giving them wet tyres at all, as soon as the SC comes in they'll be on inters!

Edit: Told you so

Hats off to you sushifiesta at the Canadian GP!

Ok Filipe, you know your job. At this stage of the Grand Prix we need you to let Alonso through and hold Webber back.

Extreme Ninja, Japanese GP!

Disappointing race ..Mclaren who looked fast through practice failed to deliver when it mattered most

Il_leone, Brazillian GP

All in all it was more of a 2010 style race than a 2011 one
It was Galahad in India!

Yeah man, I loved the race, favourite race of the season, worth watching :)

Slyboogy about Valencia!

DRS didn't make for the easy passes. The easiest passing came when the drivers were on worn tires.
I quite enjoyed all the battling.
The name of the game this year is FRESH TIRES. Pirelli needs to provide more sets. It's that simple.

KekeTheKing about Turkey!

I think it's also worth pointing out that Mark's fastest lap was a massive 1.5 seconds faster than Lewis who had the second fastest lap time.

Brogan in China

Although he didn't qualify well Heidfeld (apparently) got hit on the first lap - same response to him as to Schumie: Get it right in qualifying and you wouldn't have been there would you.

FB in Australia!
An unsurprising 0/10 - how anoraky would you have to be to remember individual posts by other members? I would probably recognise one of mine, but anyone else's? Sheesh!
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