Who am I?


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The idea is I post six separate clues about who I am over regular intervals. So clue 1 will be posted first (natch) and then, say a day or two later or an hour or two, clue 2 is posted. One or two days later again clue 3 is posted and so on.
If a person guesses who I am after the first clue is posted they get 10 points. If you get who I am after the second clue you get 6 points. After the third clue you get 4 points. Then 3 points for after the fourth clue, 2 points for after the fifth clue and 1 point for saying who I am after the last clue.
If you post a suggestion for who I am after the first clue but then would like to change your answer after the second clue then that is fine. But you can only have one guess for each separate clue. The points you get will be awarded once you first mention the driver. So feel free to have a different guess after each clue.

The winner then chooses the next Who am I? answer and does the clues, if they don't want to then I or someone else will take over.

This idea started from MyGoodSelf on 606, I haven't seen it on here so I thought I would do the honours.

So to start off:

Clue 1: I have driven for three teams...
Clue 2: One of my teams won multiple grand prix's...

Clue 3: I am 35 years old
Also, I was thinking of editing the post and putting in the clue, but then you guys won't have notification on when the clue's posted, so shall I edit the post and put the clue in or put the clue up in a seperate post?

He's too loyal to Toro Rosso, even if he gets dropped they will use him in adverts since he has horns like bulls, good marketing scheme in my opinion.

Wondering when I should put up the next clue :thinking:

Probably tomorrow, give a few more people a chance to get a guess for clue 1
So does that mean that all our previous guesses were wrong? Or could they still be right?

Like I have stated in the first post, if the first person gets it then he gets 10 points, then the next person gets whatever points, however I am starting to think that I should change it to just whoever gets the answer straightaway, but then it would make it like the "single question quiz".

They could still be right, or maybe not LOL
We could, but because of the points system, it was to give others a chance to answer, which it seemed to work, as when you asked me to provide the next clue or should I say tried to force me ( :p) several other members posted their answers for the first clue at all various times.

However if the majority would like it changed, let me know and we can then just forget about the points system and make it more into whoever guess it right first (making the quiz coming to an end) the winner then gets to pick the next "Who am I?" dude.
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