Which Fuel and Tyre Format was best?

Which Fuel and Tyre Format was best?

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I'm surprised to see myself clicking on no fuel stops because if you'd have asked me that a few years back when they took it away I'd have said def bring the fuel strategy back in but its clear to me that having no fuel stops has meant that drivers have to attempt to overtake more.

Whilst advocating a no fuel stops/optional (not mandatory) tyre stops rule, an additional element would be to ban pits-> car radio. In the above situation, nowadays we commonly hear a race engineer tell his driver "x has to pit", or "We don't think y isn't stopping, you must overtake". Without this in-race coaching, a driver would be minded to (and bl00dy well ought to!) try and overtake anyway.

Apologies if this is covered in the later posts, but I thought I'd better get it typed and posted before I forgot my point!


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Yes but there is also a safety element to pit-car radio transmission. Without it it was difficult to notify drivers of obstacles on the track/debris/red flags. Marshalls waving flags trackside weren't totally effective for those.

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For safety purposes there could be Whiting-car transmissions. Anything from a yellow being waved due to a car recovering from a spin to the track being blocked. Even penalties could be issued that way.

The FIA could supply the equipment, maybe buy it from Carphone Warehouse. Oh, hang on, TalkTalk, the messaging system would fail if there were more than one per race.:)

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Whilst it's not strictly on topic, I strongly believe (and have done for a long time) that car to pit telemetry should be banned completely! This would remove the ability of the pits to keep telling the driver how to drive!


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But we would never have the wonderful message between Rob Smedley and Felipe Massa LOL

Back on topic - I'd love to see teams having the option to try different tyre strategies - no stops, 1 stop, 2 stop, 3 stop but the problems this might bring for the tyre suppliers would be immense.


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I personally liked the refuelling era best.

Refuel and change tyres whenever you want, get different stategies, short fast aggresive stints and the long game conservative stints and all those inbetween.

Slower cars able to start ahead of faster cars (alonso pole position Hungary 2009).

I also liked 2010 mode, for the fact that drivers needed to have outright pace and the ability to manage tyres, one without the other wasn't good enough.

2011 - 2012 I do not like as much, driver speed is not much of an advantage now, its supposed to be racing and yet you have too be too careful to get into a race


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I think what you mean is one lap pace is not much of an advantage. You have to be consistantly quick to win not just put in a couple of amazing laps when the other guys duck into the pits in order to get in front of them on the fuel stops which to be honest with me is consistant with distance racing which is still racing.

If you were running an 800m race you wouldn't just bolt off as fast as you can because you'd be naked after the first 400m its about spreading your speed over the distance and using it at the right time. Thats what the current F1 is all about and to me its much more enjoyable. I understand why people like the sprint idea. I like a 100m race myself but in the 100m you don't have someone winning the sprint race then them keep going with the others following behind waiting until someone says its time to run the sprint again do you?

I understand what your saying but to me to much importance had been placed on pace over one lap where in actual fact a Grand Prix has always been a race over a 200 mile distance. I guess its just different preferences.
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