Technical Where/What, is the Reference Plane in F1??


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Chadders, you perfectly right in your assessment of the difficulty in defining where exactly the front bodywork lies in relation to the reference plane, and at what angle, during motion. As G says, this is the difficulty that the teams have in proving that the wing is moving below the r.p.

If as Richard Hill says (incidentally, I completely agree with him) then the modified load tests that the wings are being subjected to are next to useless. The mass would need to be applied along the leading edge, and only along the leading edge (a difficulty as it is). As you conclude, by measuring from the centre point they are only measuring longitudinal deflection, as oppose to torsional.

I believe the way that the scrutinisers actually complete these measurements is to remove the barge board and tyres from the car, and then place it on a flat measurement bench.

Now irrespective of adjusted ride height, the car would be flush against the table, against the reference plane. They would then be able to use the edges of the table as a basis for their measurements.

Going back to my point about the difficult of testing torsional deflection, simply hanging a weight from the wing will not be sufficient as that will only measure longitudinally. Instead what would be needed would be some sort rigged device. Here's a little drawing I knocked up :)


Motorsports' answer to Eric the Eel
tooncheesef1 said:
So although the reference plane doesn't have to be parrelell to the ground, it must be straight? If so then any wing that ends up shaped like :( that smiley face's mouth can't go that far before it reaches the reference plane?

More than that, it can't go any less than 75 mm above the reference plane (Article 3.7.1)


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MajorDanby. Well done.
Its the only part of his article that makes any real sense.
As for the rest of it Anderson is virtually saying that to control costs F1 becomes a spec series.
How would Ferrari have coped this season.From the complete lemon they had at pre season testing the have updated the car to a reasonably competive contender.Using Andersons parameters they would have had no chance of doing that.


Motorsports' answer to Eric the Eel
Haha thanks guys.

Gary - If you happen to have any pit lane passes lying around for the British GP, I'd happily take one off your hands :thumbsup:

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Well done MajorDanby - I was confused as to where all the visitors were coming from.


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