Poll Where the Heart is - Teams Edition

Which F1 Team do you support?

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No passing through my dirty air please
I hope cider_and_toast does not mind but I thought I'd extend his current poll enquiries to which teams people follow (as suggested by Mezzer).

I've included all the current teams on the list - I've put Manor F1 in for good measure - and given you 2 votes rather than 4 for this one (you get an A team and a B team).

I realise where teams are concerned there are a lot of defunct teams that had a lot of support but to save the 'other' colum getting the most votes I've not included one and will just say if you have an old team you used to support with a passion then post and tell us all about it.

happy voting.
Well, not impressed at being limited to 2 votes!!!

I follow McLaren, primarily, and have done since I started watching F1, likewise Williams.

However, I follow Mercedes, as I have friends who work there, and Red Bull as that is the only team which I have had first hand eperience of.

Decisions decisions.
Of course I don't mind :D

This is a tricky one especially with two votes. I haven't followed a team full time since Jordan left.

For the first time in a long long time, I actually want to see Ferrari do well. I think there is a different mood about the team. I was watching Ted's notebook the other day and the new team manager seemed a lot less "up his own arse" for want of a better set of words. He was walking around after the main interview, shaking hands with a few journalists and generally seemed a lot more engaging and a lot less high on the "myth of Ferrari".

I'm loving the return of Williams as a genuine contender.

While I'm a big fan of the grin with the win in the shape of Daniel Ricciardo, I can't stand Horner and the brand "Red bull" so that rules them out.

So I think it's going to have to be Ferrari and Williams this year.
Williams, just 'cos it's Williams. Red Bull, as I've loved watching them rub the noses of the "Super" teams in the dirt over the last few years.
To be honest, I was going to do a team one with exactly the same voting rules. I think two is more than enough but it makes things tricky if you aren't so much an ardent supporter of one team.

Are you going to do a where the heart isn't team edition to contrast ???
If you wanted to do one. I didn't want to steel your thing (as the actress said to the bishop) but it was requested on the other thread so thought I'd do it.

As for my votes - I'm pondering. I have a soft spot for the Enstone Team but them calling themselves theL word and having Maldonado as a driver has put me off. I also had a soft spot for Williams but they appear to be morphing into the Mercedes B Team.

If Torro Rosso would only switch their name back to Minardi them my choice would be made for me.
Nah, you crack on mate. I've got the drivers covered and I'm going to do some follow up bits on that. Help yourself to the teams.
I didn't realize how tricky this is until I thought about it. I am a Hamilton fan first so obviously I want Mercedes to do well, but I also like Williams even though they have Massa who I dislike, Alonso is the best driver and I want him to succeed but Ricciardo is just so damn likeable.
I have to go for Williams and McLaren. Williams was my first favorite, probably because of my favorite drivers growing up. McLaren likewise has had a fair number of old favorite drivers, and I hope they get their engine problems sorted this year.
I have gone for Williams because I have been an admirer of Frank since he first started the team.

I make no second choice because I am torn between two:

Red Bull because they have Ricciardo
Ferrari because I just read that Rory Byrne is back:cheer:
Williams because they've always been my team since Alan Jones.
And I can't help it but I want Manor to surprise people. I know they're probably a lost cause but I've warmed to them over the years.
Williams because they were the 1st team I followed and I've never stopped.

Second one won't be a mystery. The clue is over there. <<<<< Hope they make it back and survive into 2016
Williams, of course, they're the racing spirit personified*. I also like Enstone though, they seem very open and engaging to the point of being a little annoying, and any success they have is a massive middle finger raised in the general direction of Flavio Briatore.

Obviously, based on my comments in other threads, I would prefer cars 8 and 77 to be successful from those teams.

*So long as you ignore giving people drives because they marry shareholders.
For me its McLaren because I work for Honda and Sauber because Im half Swiss. Given a 3rd choice, Id have gone for Merc because of my 50% German heritage but given Merc's success lately, they dont need my help.
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