Where does the real power lie in the top F1 teams


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Lying in bed, flicking through Autosport and musing about F1, I got to thinking who really has power in the top teams?

Lotus- I don't really know much about their power players, so if anyone does I'd be interested to hear.

Ferrari- Luca wants to win and as long as Domenicali delivers I don't see a usurper waiting in the wings.

Mclaren - since Ron let go the reigns it seems that any decision here is a corporate one made by the board. Whitmarsh hasn't been successful but I don't see any power figures waiting in the wings.

And then we come to the interesting two. Red Bull and Mercedes. There are similarities with these two teams I think. Both owned largely by a German. Both have a successful team principal running them but both have an outspoken Austrian throwing spanners in the works, questioning decisions and fanning the flames of dispute.

Mercedes - Toto is the boss, he calls the shots. He's been there three months and as such says he doesn't want to make sweeping changes. He's happy with things at present, pleased with two poles and two podiums and wants stability.....as does Lewis, who came to work with Ross. Ross looks secusre so long as results keep coming. But Lauda mouths off and tries to undermine Ross. He has no direct role to run the team but still creates the impression of discord. Is he after more power? I think that would be a disaster, he's egotistical and has no success running a team. And in the wings is Paddy. Toto has said he is unsure what role he will have yet it's not decided but it won't be Ross's.

Red Bull - Horner, can't fault his record. Says he isn't in this to be popular, he's in it to win and do the best by the team. Marko - I see him as the Lauda of Red Bull. Says silly things and causes turmoil. But like Lauda has no direct power to run the team. Does he want that? Does he have the ear of Deitrich?

Be interested to hear other views. Time to get up for breakfast now :)

EDIT. I tried to bold the team names but it went wrong. Never mind.
I have to say racecub I'm not quite sure what your article is trying to say?
The "real power" within any F1 team lies with the owner(s). That is well, basically it.
I don't know what I'm trying to say either. But it seemed like a good idea at the time........Yes the power lies with the owners but who influences them? Who has their ear? Who has the real power? And I was struck by the similarities within Red Bull and Mercedes. That's it I guess.
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