what should Toro Rosso do about the torpedo?


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Villeneuve was suggesting they bench Kvyat for a bit so he can think about his driving get his mindset sorted out.

Personally I think they should fire him even if that means they risk having 2 new drivers next year. They've let go of more talented drivers in the past.

If Sainz goes they'll keep him. But he doesn't deserve a 2018 drive, he's spent several seasons proving that he's not good enough to still be a Red Bull development driver.
He is showing that Red Bull were right to demote him back to Torro Rosso and for what it's worth,he doesn't even deserve to be with them if he carries on driving like he has been recently.
As they are already negotiating a contract with him I think he'll still be around in 2018. Sainz is likely off and Marko really doesn't like Gasly after he blabbed to the media last year.
The team exists to try out, and train up, potential future world champions. Daniil patently isn't that, so whoever else they have available, they should stick them in. Don't particularly care who.
It'll be interesting to see who Red Bull & Toro Rosso put in their cars for the young driver test after Hungary - they've still not announced yet. Each team still has to use a rookie on one of the two days. In Bahrain it was Gasly at the main team and Sean Gelael at Toro Rosso, but the latter is not a credible F1 prospect. So maybe they could surprise us.

They could do a lot worse than give a certain Swiss driver a run out, even if he wouldn't be eligible as a rookie...
I would have thought they might have given Nico Kari a run as he is in their junior programme. At least with Torro Rosso.

Kari had not really been competitive in GP3 until the British round where he put in a couple of promising performances. He is Red Bulls highest driver up the junior series ladder after Gasly anyways.
The problem Red Bull have is their next bunch of drivers don't appear promising or will take longer to develop

It appears Sean Gelael given the money he brings could be in line for a test . The situation around Gasly just puzzles me what Red Bull have planned for him
I've driven round Abergavenny pissed better than Kvyatt can drive an F1 car. They should just sack him and get Gasly in the car for the rest of the season.
There appears to be some reservations about putting Gasly in the car or Kyvat has some powerful backers that prevents Toro Rosso from dropping him
Gasly it is!

Yes and Kvyat is benched. He deserves it. He has been terrible, scoring only 8 points the entire time he has been driving for Toro Rosso, while Sainz has racked up 90 points in the same time period.

My main concern is that Gasly is being given the wheel now to test him out to replace Sainz in 2018. But will they come up with a candidate to replace Kvyat in 2018?
Batman Yes if they can work out how to get Matsushita enough super licence points into the other car. It won;t Toro Rosso a better team but will make Honda happy which Toro Rosso have openly admitted is a factor in their driver line up next season to consider
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