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What race will the WDC be decided

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There is a lot of negativity on several threads suggesting the the WDC will be over very quickly. I don't think the WCC is in much doubt but I am surprised by the assumption that after 5 races the WDC is effectively over.
So lets have it. Nail your colours to the mast.
Singapore because that's what the Maths tells me that is the reality anyway but realistically it's already over.


One good thing though and that is that double points at the last race ain't gonna make a blind bit of difference..
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If Hamilton beats Rosberg at Monaco, barring any DNFs I think he'll be in a very commanding position after Hungary (Hungary and Canada are "Lewis tracks").

If you mean when the WDC will be officially decided, then I doubt that will happen before Austin (assuming Mercedes keep finishing 1-2, Hamilton would win the WDC in Austin if he won every race between now and then, which would be a whopping 16 in a row).
Wow! Lewis will be leading the championship by 176 points by Singapore! Amazing!
You see my maths is based on the pair finishing in the position of 1-2 throughout the season Lewis winning up to and including Singapore and then Nico winning for the rest of the season, whereas yours is based on Lewis not scoring a single point after Singapore and to be honest I don't know which one of these scenarios is the more ridiculous, yours or mine.


Actually I think it is yours but not by much.
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Depends on your definition of the WDC being decided Mephistopheles . I think there'll be no reasonable way back for Rosberg if Hamilton wins the next six races, but with Mercedes so dominant it is very unlikely that him or Rosberg will be officially crowned champion before Austin.
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By Interlagos.

Well, it's all about Brazil at the moment isn't it, where sport is concerned?

Points will be close between the two Merc drivers, each one needing a win to seal the title. Rosberg will be leading the race until a gear selection issue causes him to slow dramatically for a number of laps, being passed by most of the field; Hamilton will now inherit the lead. Later, it starts raining lightly. Hamilton and several others pit to change to intermediate tyres, which hands the lead to wet weather expert Jenson Button in the much improved Mclaren, who elects to stay on slicks. Rosberg meanwhile, his gearbox issues cleared by a computer re-set, fights back to 3rd place - enough to see him champion with Hamilton still in second. Suddenly, as the commentators are congratulating the German on his impending first WDC title, the rain intensifies. Hamilton is now catching Button at a rate of knots, passing him on the line by the width of a front wing, to take the win and the championship.

Or possibly by Spa.
Brazilian GP. Hamilton 49 points clear. In the wet, Ricciardo leads off from pole from Rosberg. Hamilton loses a front wing on the fast starting Alonso and has to pit.

It dries off, Ricciardo is caught and passed by Rosberg. Hamilton starts moving through the field, passing cars are Descida do Lago regularly. He's still running half a second slower than his team-mate.

The rain comes down, and Rosberg sees the Red Bull approaching in the distance. A few laps later, Ricciardo pulls alongside into the last corner, Rosberg hits a puddle and spears off. Hamilton hits the debris and is 19th when the Safety Car pulls in.

He's past Chilton, Bianchi and Kobayshi by the end of the first lap, and somewhat ruins Sirotkin's debut by catching him asleep at the first corner. We miss him going around Gutierrez as Hulkenburg takes the lead. Grosjean retires with an engine failure and Hamilton outdrags Kvyat for 13th. He's past JEV with 3 laps remaining. He can't do it as he hounds Button, but Maldonado throws it in the wall from 7th.

Last chance, Lewis dives up the inside in to turn 5. He's made it seconds before the Safety Car is deployed.

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