Poll What if Hamilton leaves Mclaren. Where do your loyalties lie?

Where do your loyalties lie?

  • Hamilton Joins RedBull. I would support the team but not him.

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I am a McLaren supporter, however I am also a Hamilton supporter, IUf Lewis leaves I will support him at whatever team and still hope the McLaren do well, say win the WCC. I will also look forward to when Lewis returns to McLaren, maybe after the management that lost him have changed
I do not support any driver.I have an interest in Lotus and Sauber but I don't really class myself as a supporter.
I never much liked McLaren before Lewis was there - I respected them but that was something grudging almost. I supported Williams and their drivers (Jones, Rosberg, Mansell, Senna, Hill but also Prost and JV who outside of Williams have always wound me up). My loyalty to Williams stayed until they let Button and then Montoya leave so I followed JB to BAR Honda and Brawn.

When Jenson joined McLaren, my two fave current drivers were in one team - the team I had disliked most when I was younger - so I buried the hatchet (in Ron Dennis' back :snigger:) and have been behind McLaren since then.

If Lewis leaves, there is still JB there for me so I will support him and his team mate at McLaren but I will follow Lewis to his new team too.

Being a fan is so complicated though! Nothing like football!
I firmly believe in F1 that you can support both teams and drivers, that the two aren't mutually exclusive. I am a McLaren fan and a Hamilton fan. That is not to say there are other drivers or teams I do not support, Button and Williams for instance.

I loved it when Hamilton appeared on the circuit in 2007, he was like a breath of fresh air, from the very first corner. I have supported him since and will continue to do so no matter where he ends up.

The question really is would you prefer the driver to win, or the team to win? I would always support Hamilton to win the WDC, even at the detriment of a McLaren driver, however, I would always back McLaren to win the WCC, at the expense of whatever team Hamilton is racing in in this theoretical situation.

I still think we will see Hamilton at McLaren next season.
How about throwing in a British team, such as moving to Williams? It'd never happen, at least not in the current climate, but I'd gladly support both the driver and the team in that instance.
Well I like Hamilton so I'm supporting him everywhere, I'm already a Mercedes fan so that's an easy choice, I like Red Bull so it's cool, I like Ferrari cus of Schumi and I don't really like Lotus cus they're Mercedes' rivals, but I would support Hamilton and the team wherever he went
As some of you may know I am not a Lewis fan and as far as I'm concerned the question is moot, anyway I don't really support a team I support Drivers note the plural and the teams come a far second and yet there are teams I don't like and that is mostly down to who runs them, so I don't like RedBull but I would if Horner bogged off but I do support Mark Webber and I didn't like Renault or any team that Briatore ran but I do support Alonso.
Maybe it's because I am old but I can't say I am a fan of any one individual or team. One could say that I am a big fan of F1 although that also falters from time to time when I feel the sport is being dumbed down. It would be right to say that I am fanatical about motorcycle and motorsport technology so it's innovation (whether that's new technology or an evolution of existing technology) that most floats my boat. So, whilst I may not be a fan of Red Bull, I am fan of Adrian Newey as I think he is the bench mark for any designer or Tech' Director in the field.

So having set the scene, what about the OP and Lewis Hamilton? Well, I've been watching motor racing on and off since my family got its first black and white telly in the 1960's. Disregarding any personality issues, which never interested me that much anyway, there are a handful of drivers who have caught my attention as standing out from the rest. Lewis is one of them. To say I don't care where he goes would be a lie. The truth is, so long as he is in any of the top three or four teams of the day I'll be happy.

What would upset me is if he wound up like Damon Hill in a team not worth his talent or like Jean Alesi in the wrong car at the wrong time. Somehow I don't think that will happen because he is hot property and it would not surprise me if (if he was on the open market) other top flight drivers would be dropped with short shrift to grab his services.

That's only my opinion mind. Sorry about the long post but none of the choices in the poll completely reflect my position.:)
I find it funny that is thread has been created a few days after Hamilton wins in Montreal and, subsequently, takes the lead in the championship. Although I've not watched many races this season due to certain circumstances (Sky and Mr Ecclestone being cocks, for example), I'm guessing this hasn't been a fluke. And no team appears to have a massive performance advantage, therefore he has a fantastic chance to win this title. I think if he does he should remain there for the rest of his career, as he'll finish with at least two world titles to his name (probably at least 3 or 4 in all likelihood), which people think would be poor for Hamilton but believe me it wouldn't.

Relating more to the poll, I'm not a massive supporter of him or any other driver on the grid for that matter. More of a team fan. I look for a team to get good points rather than the driver, although obviously that means consequently supporting the driver. I'm rambling now, so I'll stop...:sleeping:
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