What don't you miss in F1?

Ahh an opposing thread always good for balance I am going to have to think about this one but off the bat I'm going to say Max Mosely the same as you, but I will definitely come up with something better..


Oops I forgot to say I don't miss Flavio Briatore.
Hmmm, This isn't as easy as I first thought.

Ones that came to mind quickly are:

The Ferrari/Todt/Schumacher etc years, Grooved Tyres, Ugly aero bits like shark fins, Eddie Irvine.
This is purely from a personal point of view, the one thing I always though F1 could do without, above all other things, more than anything else in the world and now it has gone I just hope it never, ever, ever, ever returns to bring back my nightmares - Flabio B (evil, greasy, slimy, horrible, sweaty, scum ball of a man, and yes I did mean to type the name that way).

All views represented in this post are mine and mine alone, though may also come from others I know who have had the displeasure of the man...
The days when Bridgestone specifically tailor made their tyres to suit Ferrari and the other Bridgestone runners got tyres which were half as good
I dont understand the people that say they miss the danger.
I want to watch racing, I don't want to watch people die.

I don't miss the terrible scenes of drivers being killed.
No one wants that Greenlantern101.

But the guys that were prepared to race with the possibility of death hanging over their head were special. They brought elan and, oddly, a love of life to the sport. If you like, they pushed the boundaries every time they got in their car, but sometimes lost.

Bernie vs Silverstone.

Nelsinho Piquet.


Flavio Briatore.

Even more inconsistent stewarding.

Midland F1.

Michael Schumacher winning every race.

Flavio Briatore.

The FOTA breakaway formula.


The political shenanigans that lead to USA 2005.


Flavio Briatore.

Grooved Tyres.

First lap crash = Red flag, try again.
Nelson Piquet
Nelson Piquet Junior
Jacques Villeneuve, I think, or maybe just that prick who was his manager and wants to build engines
Ralf Schumacher
Eddie Irvine
Michael Andretti
Adrian Sutil
Michael Schumacher first time round (looking forward to not missing him second time round)
James Allen now that I only consume F1 on Sky
Tomas Schekter
Jean Todt
Grooved tyres they were just wrong.

The one lap qualifying shoot out, especially the part where the winner of the last race had to go out first that was very very wrong.

Starting on your qualifying fuel again very wrong...

Oh and those dumbo ears the the Honda once sported..:sick:
I had to use launch control when I saw those Honda dumbo ears...:D

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