What cameras do they use on the F1 cars?

:dunno: but I like the way they clear the lenses of bugs. Must be some kind of revolving cassette, 'wipers', or maybe just sacrificial strips along the lines of those used on the drivers visors? Very clever... Never been close enough to have a good look to find out.
I think I remember Martin Brundle saying they had some sort of wiper that comes across the camera to clean it from bugs or water etc.

I think I'm right in saying the onboard cameras aren't HD yet due to some dispute with the teams about weight/size? I think the onboard shots could look stunning in HD, at the minute I notice HD the most when looking at the presenters before/after the race....

Anyway, whatever the cameras actually are I'm sure they're bloody expensive.
Lol looks like I was wrong in both points then :oops:. I'm sure in the early stages of HD being announced that there was some story about the teams moaning about having to put a heavier camera on the car or something and that there wouldn't be HD onboard footage until the new concorde agreement. This might be plain wrong or it might have been resolved since though.
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