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What will Ferrari do next?

  • Dry tyres in monsoon conditions

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  • Forgetting to open the pit garage door

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  • Starting the car from the pit lane and not giving it any fuel

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  • Putting the wrong tyres on in a final stop

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  • Locking Kimi in the toilet before a race

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  • Locking Kimi in the fridge before a race

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  • Leave the wheelgun on the car at a pit stop

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  • A KERS that doesn't work half the time
  • Wet tyres, dry track
  • Q1 complacency
  • A car that stopped in its best position of the season
  • Fuel not going in the car
  • Fuel hoses staying in the car
  • Second-guessing the weather
  • Exploding engines when in the lead
  • Celebrating Titles not won
  • Telling the world Kimi would race after ice-cream-gate
  • Smart-arsed pit lane lights system

    In just two years Scuderia Ferrari's tactical brains have somehow managed to do all of these things and more; so I ask the question what is the next gaff for the Scuderia?

    I'm giving you 5 votes, I think they might just do 5 of these things...
The thing that I don't understand is why didn't they do a splash and dash while Massa was still 20 seconds ahead of Fernando and put him on the much faster soft tyre? They would have surely had the pace on those tyres to take Alonso had they came out behind him. :s

Oh and don't forget Felipe Baby, TeaBag
McFerrari said:
Surely they will be trying their best TO lock Kimi in a fridge or toilet!

The car won't drive itself, methinks! Anyways, if they were trying to lock him in the toilet or fridge they would undoubtedly fail to do so!
Who would have thought that Ferrari could be sliding back into their bad old days. For those who remember the 80s and early 90's it would seem like the Schumacher/Brawn era never happenend. I wonder if they will have to wait another 20 plus years for their next world drivers champion this time ??

That would depend if they stay in F1 or not.. Ah no, maybe they will go with the budget cut and still have to wait 20 years.. :snigger:
Could you please put 'Forget to register for the 2010 championship' into the vote, TBY?

I don't think anyone can second guess what Ferrari are going to do next!
I can't put forget, tbh Boyle, because I'm not sure that forgetting it would be the problem! They'd be bloody stupid to do it though!
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