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Here is a list of drivers who won the WDC when their teams did not win the WCC (inaugarated 1958).

1958Mike HawthornFerrariVanwall
1973Jackie StewartTyrellLotus
1976James HuntMcLarenFerrari
1981Nelson Piquet Sr.BrabhamWilliams
1982Keke RosbergWilliamsFerrari
1983Nelson Piquet Sr.BrabhamFerrari
1986Alain ProstMcLarenWilliams
1994Michael SchumacherBenettonWilliams
1999Mika HakkinenMcLarenFerrari
2008Lewis HamiltonMcLarenFerrari
[td]Year[/td][td]Driver[/td][td]Constructor[/td][td]Constructors' Champion[/td]

I'm torn between whether or not it is a wonderful acheivement to do this because you've won the title in a lesser car or not. I would say that at least the titles of Hunt, Rosberg and Hakkinen (all denying Ferrari) were acheived in some small part due to the injuries of Lauda, Pironi and Schumacher respectively.

Nelson Piquet Sr. is the only person to get on to this list twice as the early 80s threw up three consecutive occasions when the WDC and WCC did not match.
I would say this has a lot to do with the performance of the team-mate.

As can be seen from the 2008 results for example, Heikki finished a lowly 7th behind 2 BMW's and a Renault.

If Heikki had been able to take points off either Ferrari or even match Kimi's 75 then McLaren would have had the WCC also.
I'm surprised this has happened so few times and usually with extraordinary circumstance!

James Hunt, for example, should never have been 1976 World Champion because Lauda crashed at the Nurburgrung. Ferrari didn't keep their drivers fit and alive throughout 1982 and their ?1 was hurt for the second half of 1999.

Often, there are one car teams on there eg. Benetton in 1994 where Lehto/Verstappen didn't score many points for the team and Schumi was banned for two races. Similar things could be said for Hector Rebaque in 1981 and Riccardo Patrese in 1983 when Nelson Piquet won the title. (How ironic that a driver who had stooges as ?2s would have his son as Alonso's stooge!)

2007 should really be on there as well!
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