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1. Ferrari's first one-two was at Monza in 1951. Which driver won the race?

Alberto Ascari, from Jose-Frolian Gonzalez

2. Alberto Ascari missed the Ferrari one-two at the 1952 Swiss Grand Prix to compete in the Indianapolis 500. Of the 33 starters, in which position was he classified in Indiana?

31st. He stopped after 40 laps.
Half a point for anything greater than 28.

3. Ferrari only scored five one-twos in the 1960s. Which was their most successful year in the 60s for scoring one-twos?

1961 - when Phil Hill/Wolfgang Von Trips scored one-twos at Zandvoort, Spa and Aintree

4. Which driver would be involved in every Ferrari one-two from 1970 to 1976?

Clay Regazzoni

5. Ferrari famously got a somewhat default one-two at the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix. Which constructor, however, occupied the front row?

Renault - Arnoux/Prost. As it was the early 80s, both engines gave way!

6. What happened on the other car on the podium at the 1983 Dutch Grand Prix that would not happen for another five years?

It was John Watson's McLaren-Ford, the last normally aspirated F1 car to score (and keep) a podium until 1988

7. Ferrari failed to score a one-two from Spain 1990 until France 1998. Which constructor scored most one-twos in this time?

Williams, with 17. McLaren scored 7 and Benetton 2.

8. At which Grand Prix did Michael Schumacher lead one-twos in three consecutive years for Ferrari?

United States of America from 2004-2006.

9. Who were the last two drivers who have never been World Champions to score a one-two for Ferrari?

Eddie Irvine and Mika Salo, at the 1999 German Grand Prix. Half a point for each.

10. The 2017 Monaco Grand Prix was Sebastian Vettel's first Ferrari one-two. Of Red Bull Racing's 17 one-twos, how many have Sebastian Vettel not been part of?

One - the Ricciardo/Verstappen one-two at Sepang in 2016.
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