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These quizzes are posted for the enjoyment of the people answering them, much as they are a joy to those writing them. For this reason please bear in mind a few guidelines to help the smooth running of this forum.

1. Hide answers under a spoiler.

The spoiler code is:
[spoiler=Witty repartie]Answer[/spoiler]

If you are to mention one of the answers or heavily hint what the answer to a question is, please post it under a spoiler. Naming things that are not answers needs to be hidden if it is reasonable to assume that someone would guess it. For example, if talking about a question about the 1950 Swiss Grand Prix, it is reasonable to say Michael Schumacher is not the answer without a spoiler!

2. We're not infallible, if you have an issue tell us.

I know that I have once posted an answer that was factually inaccurate and needed to be corrected. If you are unsure about the fact of an answer, please don't be afraid to post it in your results post. Do respect the spoiler rule as well though!
If you have an issue with the wording of a question, equally don't be afraid to post it. Personally, I will endeavour to have my questions worded as clearly as possible, and I'm sure all other quiz writers will share the same commitment!

3. Post an accurate score!

You all know I have no power to enforce this. I just ask that you mark yourself fairly and post your actual score. Don't be disheartened if the score isn't great, these quizzes are often difficult! If you do want to post an inaccurate score, remember you're only cheating yourself!

4. Non-recent Quizzes

If you are here and there hasn't been a quiz posted recently, there is a 2 year back catalogue of quizzes. The only thing to remember if you go through this is that the quizzes are accurate up to the date of the quiz's posting. I will not be editing any of my quizzes from the past, and I presume no-one else will either!

After saying all that, enjoy the forum!
Not open for further replies.
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