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Apologies if this has been done before but B Teams? You know, the team in the bottom 3rd that you love to see punch above their weight? Like Fis hunting down the Ferrari in Belgium last year.

Before testing last year I went for Brawn to spring a few surprises possibly a few podium and decent point finishes. Didn't expect them to bloody win it after the previous year's Honda :D

This year I'd like to see Virgin and Lotus spring a few surprises.

Who's your B Team?
It's rather Ironic now that Lotus have returned to the grid that my B Team are likely to do a lot better. My B-Team is Williams. I would love to see them turn things around after several years of decline. I think with the driver line up they've got they have the ability to pinch the odd podium but I don't think they have the engine to challenge the Ferrari or Merc runners (or the RBR car).

It's always been great to see the underdog come through though. I think everybody at one time or other smiled when some one like Minardi pinched a point. I remember Ivan Cappellis fantastic drive in the Leyton House at the French GP or Alesi at Pheonix.
I am nostalgic enough to still consider Williams an 'A' team, although near-term history argues against such a belief.
I'd definitely have Williams as my B-team. Would be great to see them pick up some decent points and challenge for podiums next year.
Main problem I have in choosing a B team is that I don't have an A team! That said, I'd loved to see Torro Rosso putting one over the main Red Bull team. The Ferrari engine (fuel consumption aside) looks like a peach so I wouldn't be surprised if they give RBR a good run this year. Was Adrian Newey involved in the design of the STR car? I know they have to make their own chassis but did the Red Bull engineering team design it?
I am no stranger to the rather strange affliction the British have for supporting an underdog. I have rooted for Damon Hill, Jenson Button, Honda as well as the heroic Tim Henman for several decades. However I haven't developed any affection for any of the midfield or tail end charley's of F1 recently. I would like to see Kamui do well and wouldn't actually be that surprised...

:thinking: Oh actually now I come to think of it I still like Heikki a lot and feel perhaps he deserves another chance. But if he doesn't wipe the floor with Jarno very quickly I will give up on him entirely as that will just be unacceptable.
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