Ultimate F1 Conspiracies

I agree with you about the 2003 tyre thing - was very underhand. It should have been Montoya's world championship no question.

I remember it because Ferrari got thrashed in Hungary and lapped and being the lead bridgestone runner and as ever jean Todt sulks like a cry baby that if Michelin runs the same tyres Ferrari would protest
Ferrari were lapped in the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix, and the insinuation is that this lead Jean Todt to force the FIA to change the rules, thus screwing Michelin, therefore Raikkonen/McLaren and Montoya/Williams.
I've got one, Mark Webbers bad starts are down to a device in the car fitted by Helmut Marko which slows down the engine for a brief time after the lights go out :D
Specifically to get Vettel to win the championship and to prevent repeats of Istanbul. Give Vettel a little head start every race.
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