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I came up with an idea that I thought it'd be fun before Australia 2015. Tweet a race is simply try to describe a race in 140 characters. Nice thing about it is that we can post the tweet and then tweet it. I'll start with the first race I watched after my 2-year hiatus, Australia 1996;

Aus-96 #GP @27villeneuve debuts with pole but oil leak allows D. Hill to pass him for #1. Brundle car breaks in 2 and with spare spins off
One per year from 1998:

BEL 98
DC keeps changing result; startline smash and Schumi fight. Great win for DHill though.

EUR 99
Do Ferrari want to win this title #ThreeWheels #ScuderiaSchumacher

GER 00
Love #Rubinho - what a way to win a first race. Buy a beer for #MercNutter though.

BRA 01
Great win DC, hard luck Montoya though - future star? #JosTheDross

AUS 02
Wow! Everybody out first corner. Good work there Ralf...

BRA 03
#RioTurnThree catching everyone out here, looks like a scrapyard

MON 04
Trulli great. Takes a true champion to crash into the safety car and no-one use the word idiot.

USA 05
Still watching! Hoping for Ferrari/Jordan retirements and #MinardiFTW

HUN 06
Great first win for Button but don't forget #DLR - career best result too!

JAP 07
LH for the title surely? Webber will be sick - again!

SIN 08
Piquet crashes again, why do Renault keep him on? Alonso looking good now though...

MAL 09
It's a monsoon, in monsoon season at monsoon o'clock! #SherlockEcclestone

AUS 10
Looks like Button wasn't a flash in the pan. Vettel unlucky though.

CHN 11
Hamilton has now overtaken everyone, including the smog.

ESP 12
Great win for Maldo, but Williams winners? #LoveIt

GBR 13
This is tyring. #BoomBoom. Seriously, though, it is.

CAN 14
The Mercs are not bulletproof. This is not a drill. Super Dan, happy to see an #RBR win!
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