During Martin Brundles grid walked he talked to Bernie about the tyres and qualifying and Bernie said that by Barcelona there will be extra tyres for Friday practice and some changes made to qualifying to prevent what happened on Saturday.

So what do you think, will there be extra tyres of both types or just one type for FP 1 and 2?

And what will the changes be for qualifying, will the drivers no longer have to start on the same rubber as they qualified on? Or something else and what could that something else be.

Your thoughts please.

And lets hope it brings an end to the farcical situation we have now....
Well we know that teams will get an extra set of tyres in practice, provided they run rookies.
For qualifying, maybe something like if you don't set a competitive lap ( ie within 2-3% of your best time) when you are perfectly able to you get a set of fresh (or the freshest) tyres taken away from you, thereby negating the advantage of fresh rubber? (All under dry conditions of course).
That rookie thing the proviso is it? Bernie didn't mention that...

And does a team have to run the rookie for a whole session or will an installation lap suffice....?
I would introduce a rule where if you don't set a time within 107% of the pole time in Q3 you have a new set of prime and option tyres taken away from you for the race.
Personally I would just say you don't have to start the race on the tyres you qualify on, as this rule benefits P11 and hinders P's 9 and 10 and possibly 7 and 8 in some cases...
In CAT world where it's a sea of cider and toast, my ideal qually (based on what I've said in the past and some other stuff) would be to have 3, 20 minutes sessions where all cars run in the first session to set a time 1 - 24. The grid is then split with cars 13 - 24 running in the next 20 minutes to finalize those spots, finally the cars from 1 - 12 run again to finalize those spots. That way, all cars run a similar number of laps and use a similar number of tyres. (all cars can start on the rubber of their choosing after that).

At the moment, any one who gets knocked out in Q1 has a car that has done less laps and used less tyres, and the same for cars that get knocked out in Q2 over those in Q3.

I would suggest however, that the change that will be made for Barcelona is something similar to what's been suggested above, with a performance / effort rule.

The funny thing is, was there anything really that wrong from a viewing perspective with 60 minutes of free for all and super sticky qually tyres?
11 sets of tyres

3 x prime 2 x option practise sessions
1 x prime 1 x option qualifying only
2 x prime 2 x option race only

Tyres that can be used for qualifying only, limited sets for the race. Keep them separate and none of this compromising qualification business to ensure a better race.
Why should it only be Q3 where drivers are forced to qualify, though? Personally, leave it as it is. The drivers who don't do Q3 aren't going to get pole anyway, so just leave it and stop complaining.
To me there's an obvious solution- have a 107% rule in all 3 parts of quali- if you fail to set a time within 107% in q1, you are not allowed to race. However, in q2 or q3, then you must start from the pitlane.... That'd stop people not running in q3!

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