Top drivers never to race in F1


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Hi FB.

Yes, I think the link may be a bit of a copyright issue. An interesting list none the less.

I would recommend putting the list of names on here and then referencing the source as the Autosport article for more details.

I'll give it some time before removing it.
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No, do read it, it is very interesting.
Except the inclusion of Lotterer.


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The go kart stuff was excruciating on 606, but I don’t recall the driver or poster.


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if this is genuine thread then how about

Sam Bird - runners up in Gp2 and multiple race winner

Gary Paffett - never got a drive despite his links to Mercedes

Dario Franchitti - 4 times Indy champion and proved you can be successful without F1 and even marry a Hollywood actress

Dan Wheldon - how did he not race in F1 ?

Gil De Ferran
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