Top drivers never to race in F1


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Hi FB.

Yes, I think the link may be a bit of a copyright issue. An interesting list none the less.

I would recommend putting the list of names on here and then referencing the source as the Autosport article for more details.

I'll give it some time before removing it.
if this is genuine thread then how about

Sam Bird - runners up in Gp2 and multiple race winner

Gary Paffett - never got a drive despite his links to Mercedes

Dario Franchitti - 4 times Indy champion and proved you can be successful without F1 and even marry a Hollywood actress

Dan Wheldon - how did he not race in F1 ?

Gil De Ferran
for me outside of the drivers said. Scott dixon is main person. still 1 of best drivers in indycar even at 39. Tom Kristensen with his 9 le mans, Castroneves & Kanaan maybe
The guy on 606 had the user name Speccy Steve and I believe the karter's name was Marco Ardigo, or something similar.

wasn’t it SpectacularSteve? - which people then created the diminuitive from.

I remember the endless threads where we were told that
  1. Marco Ardigo was better than Alonso
  2. Marco Ardigo was better than Hamilton
  3. Marco Ardigo would beat all the F1 drivers in a Toro Rosso...
I know this is off topic, but I have always wondered if there should be promotion and relegation from F1.

  • The teams should be fixed, but there is a group of 20 drivers who are given central contracts to race in F1.
  • Drivers are rotated across all 10 teams across the course of the season. Prize money is given for race performance. Then the best drivers still get paid the most, but drivers don’t get the chance to dominate just because they are in the best car that season.
  • At the end of each season, the bottom 2 or 3 drivers are “relegated” from F1, with the top 2-3 drivers from (various) feeder series promoted. (Much like the draft in American football).
  • Drivers who retire are automatically also replaced from outside the top tier.

There are multiple benefits of this:
  • Great drivers who perform well in feeder series cannot be overlooked
  • Drivers cannot sit in a dominant team, so even if individual races are dominated by individual teams, it is unlikely that the championship would be a walkover.
  • Team orders will disappear.
  • Mistakes will be more common; it wouldn’t be possible for cockpits to be designed for particular drivers, so there will be different controls, leading to it being more likely for drivers to make mistakes.
  • Linked to the point above, the teams would need to make the controls simpler.
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