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Tom Chilton has taken a surprise pole position for the final round of the BTCC at Brands Hatch this weekend. The Team Aon Ford driver, who has hardly troubled the scorers this season, edged Jason Plato by 0.021s to take top spot.

Championship leader Colin Turkington will be disappointed to be lining up 10th, one place ahead of Team RAC BMW team-mate Stephen Jelley. His main rival, reigning double champion Fabrizio Giovanardi starts 3rd in his Vauxhall Vectra, with - potentially critically - his two team mates able to provide strong support from 4th (Matt Neal) and 5th (Andrew Jordan).

For the full grid click here: http://www.btcc.net/html/raceresults_de ... ason_id=52
It's going to be a great meet and what a way to finish the season.
Potentially the top 3 drivers are all in with a chance at the title.

Tomorrow is one of those times where we have a great day of motorsport.
First Formula One at Suzuka followed by the last 3 races of the season in BTCC :thumbsup:
An absolutely stunning win by Jason Plato in the first race.

Going out wide on the last corner and then cutting back in enabled him to out drag Tom Chilton to the line.


Tom Chilton has to be extremely disappointed though after leading for the whole race only to lose it in the last 10 metres.

There are only 14 points separating the top 3 drivers now with just 2 races remaining.
It will all be decided within the next few hours.
If anything race 2 was even more exciting.

Plato managed to get past Chilton into 1st place and behind him the other 2 championship contenders very nearly took each other out.

It finally ended Plato, Giovanardi, Turkington.

So, as the BTCC enters the final round of 2009, the current standings are:

Turkington: 262
Giovanardi: 258
Plato: 254

Just 8 points separating 3 drivers so any one of them can take the title.

Roll on 5 o'clock :cheer:
A typically Plato-esque pass on Chilton to take the race two win there... :whistle:

Excellent stuff though - go Colin!
GordonMurray said:
A typically Plato-esque pass on Chilton to take the race two win there... :whistle:
Forceful I think is the word :D

Still, not as bad as Matt Neal's deliberate ram from behind when he had the red mist.
I was surprised the Stewards didn't call him up to the office over that.
Some extremely poor and dangerous driving by Matt Neal at the start of race 3.

The formation lap was so slow that tyres didn't get up to temperature.
And then when the race started he deliberately backed off causing a collision on the first lap.

I recall his spoiling tactics during the last race of last season too when he conspired with another team to deny Jason Plato.

It's about time something was done about him.

(I'm not a fan if you hadn't guessed already.)
What an unbelievable end to the season.

Jason Plato took his 3rd win of the day, an impressive feat with the reverse grid system.

It wasn't enough though and Colin Turkington takes his first BTCC title.

Giovanardi may have been in with a chance if it wasn't for Matt Neal and his silly games.
That it all backfired is just desserts.

Well done Colin :thumbsup:
I haven't watched a BTCC race in quite some time. What an excellent, exciting race. Reminded me of why I enjoyed watching the BTCC back in the nineties. :)

Plato took full advantage of Matt Neal backing everyone up. Nice move on the outside to take the lead! The Vauxhall's got what they deserved.. nothing! LOL
McZiderRed said:
The Vauxhall's got what they deserved.. nothing! LOL
Indeed LOL
They even lost 2nd place because of it with Giovanardi finishing 3rd :snigger:

I have to say those were some of the most exciting races I've seen all season, in any form of motorsport.
Super stuff! Glad my man won, despite intense pressure throughout. I can't blame Neal for doing what he did, if roles had been reversed and Jelley or Reid had been at the front it would have been the same (particularly Reid... :D )

Having said that Turkington is certainly a deserving champion, I do hope someone manages to get Giovanardi a drive in the BTCC next year. He really is a class act as a driver and a person, and has made the others raise their level considerably. Unfortunately, at a time when domestic stars like Jimmy Thompson can't get regular drives, I can't see it happening, sadly.
I couldn't agree more GM.

I hope Gio manages to secure a drive next year.
The BTCC would be worse off without him.
I just saw it for the first time!

How good was race 3 :o - proof that team orders can get you hoist by your own petard!

Well done Colin :D
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