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Rick D They don't have one of the recognised top three drivers. and clearly Martin's job wasn't good enough because his 'petulant ' driver is leaving.
regarding the interview mentioned by Cider-and- toast , I said I'd also read it and agree that Lewis spoke warmly about Whitmarsh.
I'd take the top three form the answers given by all the workers from all the f1 teams. I'm not saying we're all going to agree with their choices but I bet we all know who those three would be.
I'd go with majority opinion for "recognised top 3". Nobody needs to ask what the consensus is there, unless they are getting ready to watch their first GP when India rolls around. Otherwise, it would be like replying: "Which sky?" if somebody said "Hey, look at the sky".
Hardly the same thing. What with there being only one sky, and that being a certainty.

I do not disagree with the consensus by the way, just saying that the top three drivers list will depend on who is writing the list. Popular opinion would define the top three, agreed, however, popular opinion does not manage the team.
I just assumed that "recognised" meant "universally recognised" as it would normally when used in this context. Otherwise I would have said "favoured".

The pedant in me is unrelenting. My apologies.
not fabled Rick Dlive and kicking. I didn't say everyone agreed on them, I said consensus would place them at the top. and you know exactly who they are.
Ok let's rephrase again. If people with some F1 knowledge were asked to place all the current F1 drivers in order starting with the one they think is best and going down to the one they think is worst......then if all this information was collated, we'd arrive at a list of F1 drivers going from the one considered best down to the one considered worst. Well the three at the top of that list, they're the three Im on about. :yes:
racecub I agree with you, the only thing I would add, is that it would depend on a number of aspects, as to who who be where on someones list. After all, the general consensus is one thing, but when deciding who to hire, other things may come in to play, not only related to the part of the driver which can be considered as visible talent.

One thing the discussion does highlight is that majority opinion is not the same as concensus!
racecub I know exactly what you mean, and I understand about the majority opinion. And I have my own view on who the top 3 drivers are. I also have a view on the top 2, the top 4 and the top 5. I also know who I would pick if I was running my own team.

The subtleties are in the question which is asked, and the person who is being asked. Ask most fans and pundits who the best three drivers are, and I do not think many people would be surprised by the results. Ask a TP who they would most like driving for them, I think the answers may vary a little more. Ask punters who the best team would be, and it would likely be at odds with the TP view.

I am just not really sure why it seems to end up as a top 3? why not a top 2? or a top 4? is it simply because there is a group of three who are inseperable at the top? I would suggest so, with opinion as to the best being up in the air,

Sorry for the pointless ramble.
That's ok The Pits I love a good ramble :D :)
To answer your last question, why does it come down to three? I Think it's because those three stand above the rest, and whichever order you put those three in they come out above the others. I personally place two of them above the other one, others may differ, but those three will come to the top.
Who would I have driving in my team? Hmmmmm that's a juicy question. there are a few drivers I'd like to see in different cars before finally making my mind up, but I've got a pretty good idea.
racecub - You cite Andrew Benson, well done on being so brave, he write some of the most clueless stuff on the BBC site..

So, we putting Kimi in the top 3 or don't you think he is fast enough or a good enough driver?

The point I am making by the way racecub as you don't seem to have picked up on it, is that it is very subjective who these fabled top 3 are. Doesn't matter on F1 fans opinions, it matters who the technical people in the teams would take on and like to have driving for them!
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