Movies The worst film you ever saw.


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Interstellar. I'd read so many good reviews and I just found it a load of old cack. My wife enjoyed it though. Solaris (original one) or 2001 it wasn't.
Oh that reminds me. Gravity was even worse.


Unbroken. it took me two stints to watch it what a load of crap, it is a true story told really really badly but then again Angelina Jolie did produce it so it was bound to be shit......


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OK you're right (EDIT spelling) Bushi but it's damn near impossible to write a good film that fits with Michael Bay's directing style.

And I 100% percent agree Mephistopheles. Incredible story made into a lackluster film. The film had no suspense. I know its hard to create suspense when its obvious what's going to happen to the main character, but if they focused even a tiny bit on any other characters it could have been much better. The main character wasn't the only one going through that hell, so the story shouldn't solely be his. Also lacked any sort of character development or any interesting look at the psychological aspect of surviving a POW camp. Could've been so great. Ended up so piss poor.


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In the Name of the King.

I can hear the pitch now.

Exex 1: lets do a Jason Stathem film with a twist. We'll make him a Turnip farmer in fantasy medievil times.

Exec 2: Brilliant we have all that left over stock footage from Lord of the Rings

Exec 3: and Bert Reynolds is desperate for money so he'll do

Exec 1: its all going together. Now we just have to write a plot

Exec 2: plot!?!? Do we need one?

Exec 3: Can't we just have Stathem talk in a gruff voice and kill extras in ridiculous ways like everything else he's in?


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Brogan Not seen TF4 as the whole film but I hear the reviews were so bad it is the worst of the lot which is disappointing to hear seeing the film has become a big marketing exercise for GM cars , and Hasbro now. Only reason they did it in Hong Kong was because there is a huge following for the brand in Hong Kong

Michael Bay as director probably should not have done it having done already 3 films and they seem to have lost the essence of the reasons why the Transformers exist


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I just watched Rage with Nicholas Cage, what a load of tosh.
I'd actually fogrotten the last decent film Nicholas Cage was in. I just checked on IMDB and completely forgot he was in Raising Arizona, Rumblefish, Birdy, Wild At Heart. What went wrong?


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I think he tries to be too intense and then it comes across as hammy. He wasn't bad in Kick Ass until it got to the torture scene and then he hammed it up. Not sure why any director would want to work with him as he just seems to do his own thing.


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That film will be responsible for Sky losing money.

We're never renting another movie again after wasting almost £6 on that garbage.

What makes it worse is it gets 7/10 on IMDB?!

Chappie (2015) - IMDb


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I recently watched what was actually dubbed "The Worst Movie Ever Made" by the Golden Turkey Award.

"Plan 9 From Outer Space". I don't mind the odd B-moviebut this one's so bad it's funny. I only watched it because it had Bela Lugosi in it, who died a couple of years before the film was completed. So the scenes where he does appear were intended for an entirely different film which never happened. It's a total patchwork and his role was taken over by some bloke behind a cape who actually looks nothing like him. the dialogue is totally incoherent so rather than a long description I thought I'd post a selection of unintentionall;y hilarious and nonsensical scenes:

"And remember my friends, future events such as these, will affect you, in the future!"...

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