The Wimbledon whenever, yawn, thread or "Is it over Yet?"

I like tennis! I particularly like Wimbledon fortnight.

It is an individual sport with little equipment involved, so one actually gets to see who is best in the field on any given day - one of the true tests of expertise.

No luck, no 'better' equipment, no punting off, not too many bad calls from the refs - just good old-fashioned, personal excellence!!
There's a rumour that Wimbledon will now be stopped as an Female English player has got through to the third round and the nation is now expected to bask in her reflected glory for the rest of the year...
I am proud to be able to say that my only knowledge of this game is that Dennis The Menace can't play it.
A Truly great great game by Lukas Rosol has ended in him beating Rafa Nadal, 3-2, with over 20 aces! His returns were immense! What a game it was!
:thumbsup: Glad I missed that. Sorry, not a big tennis fan, although with a choice between tennis and rugby union give me tennis any day.
I only caught the last game, as I found that watching the Germans lose (for once!) to be far more entertaining.
He won't even get to the semi's! Don't call me bitter, but I can't wait until Andy Murray is eliminated from Wimbledon - whenever he wins, it seems that we must have a national day of celebration.
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