The Wimbledon whenever, yawn, thread or "Is it over Yet?"


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As you may be aware the All England Tennis Championships started at Wimbledon today. One wonders why they don't play it somewhere else for a change - Moss Side, Brixton, Toxteth perhaps? Former hat maker Roger Federer (Federer, fedora, geddit?) had a close run in his first round match, some British players lost and Claire Balding has been allowed on 5Live again. Better than letting her adams apple loose on TV I suppose, wonder if the tennis players have had their teeth fixed before being interviewed by her.

So all this brings me to the question: Tennis, why?
FB said:
So all this brings me to the question: Tennis, why?

Another question that the wisest of men have spent a generation pondering.

The only answers I can come up with in the 2 minutes since I read your post are:

1) To annually humiliate anyone in Britain who classes themselves as a professional Tennis player.
2) To give the Duchess of Kent an annual trip out
3) To attempt to associate Wimbledon with something other than Bernard Cribbens and the Wombles.
4) To give women a sport to follow
5) To get a bunch of said women to paint their faces and shout "Come on Greg Tim Andy" every year
6) To justify the huge budget the Beeb spend on decamping a few miles down the road from White City for two weeks.
7) To justify charging plonkers 5 quid for 2 strawberry's and a thimble of cream to make them think they're posh.
I do <hnnnghhh> enjoy watching <euunggh> some of it but <harrghhh> the grunting <oeerghhnn> and noises do get a bit <hyaargggnnnggg> wearing after a while.

The men are just as bad too.
Tennis can :censored: right off as far as I'm concerned* overgrown ping pong.

Apologies for the blunt assessment, I've been at the cider

*unless Maria Sharapova has short skirt on.
I wonder if tennis would benefit from a shorter game. I can watch tennis but not for 5 freaking sets! Maybe they should experiment with a one set shootout type of thing. Worked for cricket.
Court 18 has what must be the longest game ever in the history of tennis.

It's currently 2 sets each and 43 games each...

Their arms must be about ready to fall off.
From what the commentators have been saying it's pretty much the most of everything, ever. Most games, aces, longest set, longest match etc etc.

The giant guy looks to be tiring, I'm rooting for the plucky Frenchie.
They stand the risk of tendon and muscle damage playing for this long (9 hours).

They should stop the match and continue it tomorrow.
They did start it yesterday - but this is just silly 52-51

I do like a bit of sporting history :)

It's like having 2 serving machines on rails where on fires into the bucket of the other, which one will break first (pun intended)
Simply astonishing... 10 hours later 59-59 and 193 aces between them, someones gotta win it when they ressume tomorrow!

I think when it's over they should both get a trophy for that epic.
I expect it will all be over within a few games after they've both had a good night's sleep.

Apparently the winner of the match is supposed to be playing their next match tomorrow...
What an incredible match. Don't think we will ever see anything like that again.

Those two blokes must be shattered.
The winner of the match, John Isner, was beaten in straight sets today.

He notched up 112 aces against Mahut and didn't get a single one in his latest match.

Proof if ever it was needed that playing for 8 hours straight takes longer than a day or 2 to recover from.
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