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One team has recently come in for a lot of criticism about the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. So it is an apt time to run a quiz on them.

Note: Renault were represented by two different teams in F1. There was the Équipe Renault (1977-85) and the Renault F1 Team (2002-). Although Équipe Renault have no connection with Toleman & Benetton, they too are included in this quiz.

The teams in question take in Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Alonso and two Piquets.

  1. What was Toleman's best result in F1?

    2nd in the rain-shortened Monaco GP of 1984 for a Mr. A. Senna.
  2. Teo Fabi scored Toleman's only pole position in 1985. At which circuit?

    The Nürburgring
  3. The Benetton team only twice scored a one-two finish. Once was with Schumacher/Herbert in 1995 in Spain. Name the two other drivers that scored a Benetton one-two.

    Nelson Piquet & Roberto "I qualified an Andrea Moda" Moreno in Japan in 1990
  4. The Benetton team scored 27 wins. How many were by Michael Schumacher?

    a) 19 (b) 20 (c) 21 (d) 22 (e) 23

  5. What is strange about Benetton's first and last wins in F1?

    Both were scored by the same man - Gerhard Berger (Mexico 1986, Germany 1997). Berger didn't win for Benetton on any other occasion, and they were also his personal first and last wins in F1!
  6. Benetton's worst season in F1 was its last in 2001. They scored 10 points. 8 were scored by Giancarlo Fisichella, 2 by Jenson Button. At which circuit did JB score his points?

    Hockenheim, which has been a strong circuit for JB!
  7. Fernando Alonso has won 17 races for Renault, how many have other drivers scored for the 2002- team?

    3, Trulli (2004 Mc), Fisichella (2005 Au, 2006 My)
  8. Did the 1977-85 Renault team get more pole positions than the 2002- team?

    1978-85 has 31 poles to the 20 of 2002-
  9. Renault, like Benetton, have only scored 2 one-twos. One was Fisichella/Alonso in Malaysia in '06. Name the other one-two pair.

    Arnoux/Prost in France 1982
  10. How many French GPs did Renault win in 1979-83

    4 (Jabouille 1979, Prost 1981, Arnoux 1982, Prost 1983). Their other French GP win was in 2005 from (shock) Alonso!

Thankyou, and no mention of Flavio Briatore or other unsavoury characters!
But Bro, if you get a bonus that'll mean you get two and so lose the consistency, and so don't get a bonus, so....

Oh no, now I've got a headache!
If you consistently get 10, I'll think about it...

But you've sent GeoffP into the Infinate Bonus Paradox, so I hope you're proud! :punish:

The answer, GeoffP, is give the Bonus to a banker. Vive le capitalisme!
Sacrebleu! Je semblent avoir marqué quatre points! Je suppose que cela fait de moi un honoraire Français... :moustache:

Les questions 1, 4, 7 et 8 ont répondu correctement, avec seulement quelques conjectures!* :thankyou:

Gosh! I appear to have scored four points! I guess this makes me an honorary Frenchman... :moustache:

Questions 1, 4, 7 and 8 answered correctly, with only a couple of guesses!*

Translation courtesy of Google translate.

* Questions 1, 4 and 8 were guesses. Question 7's status is under investigation...
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