The San Marino Quiz


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Where would you like to open the European season? Well Imola seems as good a place as any, so time for the absentee GP series San Marino quiz!

  1. Who won the only Italian GP at the Imola circuit?

    Nelson Piquet in 1980
  2. Between 1997 and 2006 only two non-Germans won the San Marino GP, name them?

    David Coulthard
    Fernando Alonso
  3. Which British team ran in the controversial 1982 San Marino GP?

    Tyrell, they had Italian sponsors!
  4. Which driver got 7 San Marinese pole positions in succession?

    Ayrton Senna
  5. Who won a San Marino GP for several people's favourite team Lotus?

    Elio de Angeles in 1985
  6. How far is Imola from the Republic of San Marino?

    100km or about 62mi
  7. How many San Marino GPs did Ferrari's Michael Schumacher win?

    7 in total, 6 for Ferrari!
  8. Who is the last non-European to win the San Marino GP?

    Ayrton Senna in 1991
  9. The last ever San Marino GP in 2006 was also the last ever for one driver, who was it?

    Yuji Ide sent Christijan Albers barrel-rolling in Tamburello and had his super-licence revoked

    And now, a shock non-F1 cultural question :whistle:
  10. Which century was the Republic of San Marino founded in?

    It is the world's oldest surviving republic, having been formed by St. Marinius (San Marino) who was fleeing the Roman Emperor. This was on 3rd September 301, which was just in the 4th Century!

Sorry about the non-F1 question, Spain next week!
8 out of 10!!!! even got the distance from san morino right (althouth that was a complete fluke), shouldda been 9 tho. dont want to give hints away so i wont say why ;)
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