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This quiz will have questions about random drivers. How? Let me explain. I will use's integer generator to pick a ? number that is appropriate to the next task. Using the lists on, I will then equate the number to the appropriate driver on the list for these 10 credentials:

1. Wins 2. Poles 3. Fastest Laps 4. Points 5. Podiums 6. Laps led 7. Grand Prix led 8. #GPs 9. # seasons 10. Av. grid position.

Understand? Care? Well, anyway, here we go!

1. Didier Pironi won 2 Grand Prix for Ferrari. Who did he win his other Grand Prix for?


2. Carlos Pace had his only win at his home Grand Prix. Who is the only Brazilian to have won a race in F1, but not ever won a Brazilian GP?

Rubens Barrichello

3. Jacques Laffite held the record number of F1 races at the 1986 British GP for two years. Who took the record off him?

Riccardo Patrese

4. Innes Ireland won one F1 race. At which circuit?

Watkins Glen

5. Graham Hill scored 15 second places in F1, as did his son Damon. Which South American driver joins them on 15?

J.P. Montoya

6. Trevor Taylor was Jim Clark's Lotus team-mate in the early 1960s, but when Taylor scored his only 2nd place, who beat him home at Zandvoort?

Graham Hill

7. Guiseppe Farina scored 5 wins in the World Championship. With which other constructor bar Alfa did he win a race?

Ferrari, at the Nordschliefe in 1953

8. Piero Scotti retired from his only F1 race in 1956 at Spa. He retired on lap 10, out of how many?

36, Half points for 30-40

9. Nigel Mansell (who is less obscure than Piero Scotti) was second in the Championship on 3 occasions. Name the champions in the year's the 'Tasche was 2nd?

Prost, Senna and Piquet [Only worth a third of a point each!]

10. Christijan Albers scored his only points at the farcical USGP of 2005. The race included the two drivers who have started most races in F1 history. Who, of the other 4, had most races?

[bg=#FF5555]Tiago Monteiro[/bg] [bg=#FFFF00]Narain Karthikeyan[/bg] [bg=#55FF55]Christijan Albers[/bg] [bg=#5555FF]Patrick Friesacher[/bg]

Albers with 46

Piero Scotti? That was always likely!
Seems to be common result but 6 for me.

I'm assuming we all got the same questions right. Personal best for me as well. :chuffed:
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